The best RADAR APP for iPhone of 2021

The best RADAR APP for iPhone of 2021

We bring you a most interesting compilation. We bring you the best speed camera app that you can find in the App Store.

Five Speed ​​Camera App for iPhone

Today we talk about five radar warning devices that work really well. Five navigation apps that we recommend you try and that, after your experience, choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Anyone who drives regularly must carry one of these apps on their iPhone. Apart from advising how fast you should drive on the road you are traveling on, it warns you if there is any radar on it. These alerts will make you look at your odometer and make sure you are not exceeding the maximum speed allowed on this section of road.

Many of them are free versions that have a much more complete paid version.

The 5 best free speed camera app for iPhone:

We have tried them all and we, for years, have installed one of them. We are not going to mention it because we do not want to condition. That is where your experience with each of them comes into play. That is why we encourage you to try them all and select the best one for you.

Traffic NO: Radar Detector:

Traffic Captures NO

Traffic Captures NO

One of the best known in Spain. We have been talking about it for years and it is still one of the most used radar warning devices. Very simple to use and with a lot of interesting information, it is very effective when it comes to warning of the radars that we have nearby. Click on the following link for more information about NO traffic!. (Offers PRO version).

Download Traffic NO

Radarbot: Radar Detector:

RADARBOT radar app

RADARBOT radar app

This radar detector is another radar app that works very well. In fact, years ago we also dedicated a post to talk in depth about Radarbot. It is very easy to use and its function is carried out perfectly. It also provides very interesting data about our trip, such as average, maximum speed…. (Offers PRO version).

Download Radarbot

Coyote: Radars, GPS & Traffic:

Coyote Radar Detector

Coyote radar detector

Interesting warning that, as we see in the video, through an interesting and simple mobile interface, alerts you to radars, speed, nearby people who provide information…. Another alternative to take into account to install on your iPhone.

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Download Coyote

Fixed and Mobile Radars:

App fixed and mobile speed cameras

Fixed and mobile radars app

Interesting application, above all, to be able to view a priori the radars in your area or on the route you want to take. The app uses a fixed speed camera database and another speed camera database built by users. The latter can be shown on the screen, if you want, and they appear in red. By clicking on them you will see the positive and negative votes that users give, to the radar provided by someone. Very interesting this radar application for iPhone.

Download Fixed and Mobile Radars


Waze for iPhoneWaze for iPhone

Waze for iPhone

Well known and widely used, it is possibly the Social GPS par excellence, it also serves to detect radars. It may be that it is the least focused on this function but, in the same way, it alerts fixed and mobile radars.

Download Waze

Without further ado, we hope we have provided you with the definitive app to detect radars. Which one have you chosen and why? We await your answers in the comments of this article. They will surely help many people when choosing one or another app.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE !!!. No matter how social these applications are, when it comes to sharing data or information, always do it when you have the car stopped. For your safety and that of others, never do it when the car is running and you are the driver.


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