The best NEW APPS for iPhone and iPad, arriving this week

The best NEW APPS for iPhone and iPad, arriving this week

We review all new apps that have arrived in the App Store. Among all the premieres, we select the ones that, for us, are the most interesting. Don’t miss this week’s.

New apps come to iOS

Our Thursday section is here. The top premieres of the week are here. A week in which they have arrived New applications very interesting to install on our devices.

Very good the premieres that we have selected this week from among all those who have reached the App Store. We have compiled those that in our opinion are the most interesting for our audience. We hope you like them.

New apps for iPhone. The highlights of the week:

This compilation highlights the applications released between the February 25 and March 4, 2021.

Canvas List [Gratis]:

App Canvas List

App Canvas List

A free, simple yet powerful to-do list app. The app of Canvas it is beautiful, light and intuitive. If you are looking for an ideal way to create lists to keep your life organized, this tool should be your application of choice.

Download Canvas List

Soro – For Sonos [6,99 €]:

Soro for SonosSoro for Sonos

Soro for Sonos

This app complements the Shortcuts app with new actions to control speakers and audio devices. Sonos. Create quick actions and workflows to control your speakers with the Shortcuts app using widgets, Siri voice commands or automations.

Download Soro

WidgetPod [Gratis]:

Screenshots of the WidgetPod app

Screenshots of the WidgetPod app

Add Widgets from the home screen to play music. WidgetPod works with your application Apple Music Y Spotify. Accede to WidgetPod after starting to play music to update live widgets. Customize widgets, connect Spotify, add playback controls, change backgrounds and themes, sync with iCloud and more… .

Download WidgetPod

Museum Alive [3,49 €]:

Museum Alive for iPhone

Museum Alive for iPhone

App that allows us to select a fossil from the museum and observe how it comes to life in your own room using augmented reality. Explore the world of creatures and discover fascinating facts about their habitats, food chains, and how they found their destiny.

Download Museum Alive


Lego Vidiyo App for iOS

Lego Vidiyo App for iOS

Make the world a fun stage for music, dance and imagination. LEGO VIDIYO is an exciting new music video creation experience where your kids express their love of music, dance and play in a totally safe and positive social network for young creatives.

Download Lego Vidiyo

Greetings and see you next week with new apps for you iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


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