The most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad, this week

The BEST new APPS and games coming to iPhone and iPad

We tell you what the premieres app most outstanding arrived at Apple Store, in the last days. Applications and games that we recommend you download.

New games and apps on the App Store

Thursday arrives and with it the section with the New applications and games for iPhone Y iPad, highlights of the week.

We analyze all the premieres and name the ones that in our opinion are the most interesting. A way to learn about new tools and games with which you can get more out of your devices. Also, if you are reading this article, know that you will be among the first to discover really interesting apps.

This week we announced two updates to renowned apps, which have a new interface and functions. We send them to you in this section of new apps because, after the update, they are completely new apps.

New applications for iPhone and iPad, the most outstanding of the week:

These are the most outstanding apps, published in the App Store between October 22 and 29, 2020.

HoloVista [5,49 €]:

Wonderful 360º game for iPhone

Wonderful 360º game for iPhone

360º game in which we must explore a dream mansion, photograph mysterious spaces, confront the deepest secrets and entrust them to Carmen, a junior architect and recently hired by the company. It is in English but this does not mean that we are facing a totally different game and that you are going to love it.

Download HoloVista

Arcane Showdown [Gratis]:

Magnificent card and strategy game

Great card and strategy game

Great card battle game, wit and magic. We will have to create our spell deck, design our winning strategy and capture the territory of our opponents overwhelming them with spells and creatures. A game that does not stop receiving rave reviews.

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Download Arcane Showdown

The English Court [Gratis]:

New El Corte Inglés app

New El Corte Inglés app

El Corte Inglés is finally adapting to the new times and launches an application with which it wants to compete against the giant Amazon. All kinds of products at the click of a button and a super fast delivery service for all customers of this service.

Download The English Cut

Halide – RAW Manual Camera [Gratis]:

HALIDE II, a photography app with new functions

HALIDE II, a photography app with new functions

One of the best photography apps for iPhone is renewed. Add new functions and adapt to the new iPhone 12 Y 12 PRO. Make the jump to subscription mode to be able to use it, so you will see it for free in the App Store but you will not be able to use it if you do not pay a monthly fee. Of course, you can use the trial period you have to test it and see if it deserves to pay for it. We advance that … if it is worth it.

Download Halide

Clips [Gratis]:

CLIPS App totally renewed

CLIPS app completely renewed

The app of Manzana With which to create short videos it is completely renewed, becoming compatible with all the novelties that the new ones bring iPhone 12 and adding features that many of us expected, such as recording in 16: 9. The interface improves and it is now easier than ever to create VERY CREATIVE videos with it. A very interesting app to create content for Instagram Stories, Snapchat….

Download Clips

If more, we hope you have liked and interested the applications and games that we have mentioned and see you next week with new releases for your device ios.

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