The BEST games and apps of 2020 for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

The BEST games and apps of 2020 for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Apple, like every year, launches the list of best games and apps of 2020, for devices iOS, iPadOS Y WatchOS. We tell you which have been the winners this year.

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December arrives and Manzana get your ranking from best apps and games of 2020. A list in which he names all those apps that have impressed with their technical innovations and designs.

This atypical year and marked by the pandemic, applications have triumphed that under normal conditions would not have done so. These tools have helped us to learn, to create… they have entertained us, they have put us in contact with friends and loved ones in the damn time of confinement…. The truth is that they are apps that if you have not tried, you must try.

Let’s get to know them.

Best games and apps of 2020 for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch:

All these applications are FREE and you can download them from the link that we expose after the brief description that we dedicate to each of them.

App of the year 2020 for iPhone:

🥇 Wakeout! 🥇

Apple names “Wakeout!” as the APP OF THE YEAR on iPhone

Wakeout! It is the APP OF THE YEAR for iPhone. Manzana has named this physical exercise app that motivates all people who do not do sports. The application will not give you routines or exercise programs that are difficult to follow. Its developers have designed hundreds of fun mini exercises that you can do during the day. If you are lazy @ we encourage you to download and try it.

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Download Wakeout!

Game of the year 2020 for iPhone:

Apple names “Genshin Impact!” as the GAME OF THE YEAR on iPhone

Genshin Impact is the app that Manzana has named as GAME OF THE YEAR 2020 for iPhone. An adventure in which we must seek answers from The seven, the elemental gods. We will have to explore every corner of the wonderful world that appears on the screen and join forces with a wide repertoire of characters to reveal hidden mysteries and much more.

Download Genshin Impact

App of the year 2020 for iPad:

🥇 Zoom 🥇

Apple Names “ZOOM” iPad APP OF THE YEAR

What to say about this app. Zoom, unsurprisingly, has been named by Apple as the APP OF THE YEAR 2020 for iPad. A magnificent tool that in this time of the pandemic has allowed us to put in contact with loved ones, friends, colleagues, teachers … hold work meetings. Without a doubt, if it hadn’t been for her, the time of confinement would have been much worse.

Download Zoom

IPad Game of the Year 2020:

🥇 Legends of Runeterra 🥇

Apple Names “Legends of Runeterra” iPad GAME OF THE YEAR

Legends of Runeterra is the application that Manzana has named as GAME OF THE YEAR on iPAD. As it says in the description of the App Store, it is a game set in the universe of League of Legends. A strategy card game in which dexterity, creativity and cunning will lead us to success. Choose your champions and combine cards from different regions to create the deck that will take you to the top.

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Download Legends of runeterra

App of the year 2020 for Apple Watch:

🥇 Endel 🥇

Apple Names “ENDEL” Apple Watch APP OF THE YEAR

Endel is the app named by Apple as APP OF THE YEAR 2020 for APPLE WATCH. A tool that creates personalized sound environments to give our mind and body what it needs to perform any task. It has a way that calms our mind to create feelings of relief and security. Another way that increases our productivity to help us focus. Another that adapts to our personal rhythm when we go out and, finally, a mode that puts us in a deep sleep with soft and relaxing sounds.

Download Endel

Without further ado, we hope you have been interested in the news and we are waiting for you soon with more apps, tutorials, news … for your devices. Manzana.



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