The best FREE limited time APPS for iPhone and iPad

These apps are FREE for a limited time for iPhone and iPad [5-6-2020]

The best compilation of free apps for a limited time on the internet, it’s here. We mention the five best apps on offer that are, right now, in the App Store.

The best offers from the App Store

The best offers from the App Store

We return to the fray with one of the most anticipated sections of the web. The Free apps highlights of the moment for your iPhone and iPad.

As we have always told you, do not waste time and get hold of them before they become paid.

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Free apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad:

We guarantee that they are FREE at the time of article publication. Today at 18:19. July 31, 2020.

5coins Simple expense tracker [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Expense and Income Management App for iOSExpense and Income Management App for iOS

Expense and income management app for iOS

Simple, beautiful and smart app to track our daily expenses and income. It lets us know how much, when and where we spend the money. If you want to control your expenses and income, this app will come as a pearl.

Download 5coins

Fliptastic Pro [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Fliptastic Pro for iOSFliptastic Pro for iOS

Fliptastic Pro for iOS

Create amazing slide shows that you can then share on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or by email. Turn your photos into attractive invitations with filters, transitions and music. All this in one application.

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Download Fliptastic Pro

Ananda – PREMIUM [3,49 € -> GRATIS]:

Relaxation AppRelaxation App

Relaxation app

Is application helps you meditate, focus and relax with progressive binaural tones and high-quality quiet sounds. Choose from one of 13 binaural programs to focus, relax, meditate, or even make the most of a nap.

Download Ananda

Synesthetic [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Musical gameMusical game

Musical play

Synesthetic is a game that any lover of music should download. When you play the first round, all you can do is smile. It looks good, it feels good. It is a journey. It supports songs from your library iTunes and it is not compatible with Spotify not with Apple music.

Download Synesthetic

Marvin The Cube [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Fun and entertaining iPhone gameFun and entertaining iPhone game

Fun and entertaining iPhone game

Wonderful puzzle game with very careful graphics and music. If you like challenges, do not miss the opportunity to download this game and face the more than 120 puzzles it has.

Download Marvin The Cube

If you download the apps and then delete them from your devices, you can always download them for free, whenever you want.

Without further ado, we are waiting for you next week with the best free apps from the App Store.


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