The best free apps for iPhone and iPad, of the moment

The best free apps of the moment for iPhone and iPad

Do you want offers? Here we show you the best free apps for a limited time, for iPhone Y iPad, of the moment.

Free apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad

We say goodbye to the month of February with great offers. Take advantage and download the free apps that we bring you today. All of them are on sale and, surely, sooner rather than later, they will become paid so… TAKE ADVANTAGE !!!.

In APPerlas We bring you the best deals of the day just before the weekend starts. We do this with the intention that you can download them and put them to the test during these few days of rest that we have.

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Free apps for a limited time for iPhone and iPad:

We guarantee that the apps are FREE right at the time of publication of the article. Specifically at 15:23 h. (Spain time) of the day February 26, 2021, they were.

Bomb: A Modern Missile Command [1,09 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Bomb Game

Game Bomb

Defend your city from an endless rain of bombs, using guided missiles. Create a chain of explosions using a single missile to destroy multiple bombs. A simplified and modern take on the classic Missile Command.

App Bomb

StreetViewMap -Street View Map [3,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Images at street level

Images at street level

StreetViewMap is the easiest way to view the image base at street level in Google Street View Maps, from your iPhone Y iPad. It supports more than 60 countries.

Download StreetViewMap

Video cut – video clip [3,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

App to cut the length of videos

App to cut the length of videos

We are facing a powerful video cutting tool. It helps us cut our long video into clips. Make your videos have the perfect duration to meet their needs and publish them on different social networks.

Download Video Cut

PhotoPhix [1,09 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Image editor for iOS

Image editor for iOS

Create and add collages, dividers, text labels, colors, stickers, clipart, masks / shapes, frames, effects, filters, drawings on your photos … thanks to PhotoPhix. There are endless possibilities to create our own PhotoPhix collage.

Download PhotoPhix

Studio Island: Song Creator [3,49 € ➡️ GRATIS]:

Music app for kids

Music app for kids

Designed by music teachers and early childhood educators. There are no in-app purchases and EVERYTHING is unlocked. Studio island is your music studio for kids. Your kids will have hours of fun organizing music and exploring dozens of colorful musical characters that live in Studio island. As they explore the island, they will learn about many instruments and different types of music.

Download Studio Island

If you download these applications and then delete them from your devices, you can always download them again FREE whenever you want. That is why it is good to download almost all the apps that we discuss.

As they are free applications for a limited time, we recommend you download them, the sooner the better.

Greetings and until next Friday with more offers.


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