The best FREE APPS for a limited time for iPhone [11-9-2020]

5 interesting NEW APPS for iPhone that have reached the App Store

Here the five best applications on offer, of the moment. They go from costing money to being free for a limited time so … DOWNLOAD IT ASAP !!!.

Apps on offer

The weekend is coming and … what better time to download free apps? We bring you the best offers for a limited time, of the moment. Take advantage, download them and try them throughout the weekend.

If you want to be informed daily of this type of offers for a limited time, follow us on Telegram. Every day we share the best free apps of the moment. This week our followers have saved a lot of money by downloading apps that, unfortunately, are no longer free. Others, like the ones we show you below, have already been downloaded by many of our followers in that messaging app and you can also download them yourself… RUN !!!.

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FREE APPS for iPhone and iPad today:

We guarantee that the apps are on sale right at the moment the article is published. Specifically at 18:37 h. (Spain time) of the day September 11, 2020.

Asketch [3,49 € -> GRATIS]:

Drawing app for iPhone

Drawing app for iPhone

Asketch is a unique and versatile sketch pad. Enables creativity on the go, anytime, anywhere. Its deliberate simplicity makes it perfect for beginners who want to learn to draw. Similarly, advanced artists will find a wonderful canvas for their cartoons, landscapes, and other subjects.

Download Asketch

Events & Diary: myCal PRO [2,29 € -> GRATIS]:

Calendar app for iOS and iPadOS

Calendar app for iOS and iPadOS

No more points on our calendar. myCal PRO shows what we need to see … our events. This app shows the meetings and appointments stored on the device, including the calendars that you have synchronized (such as Google, Yahoo, Exchange, etc.). With myCal PRO we can add many more calendars. Centralize them all in one.

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Download Events & Diary

Stock Market Simulator Game [1,09 € -> GRATIS]:

Stock market simulator

This is the only application you need to learn to invest quickly. If you are already investing or want to be a better trader, then you need to technically practice trading with a chart. This app allows us to practice operations in real time. A very good simulator of stock markets.

Download Stock Market Simulator

Trigono – dangerous triangles [3,49 € -> GRATIS]:

Intelligence game for iPhone

Intelligence game for iPhone

You are the little Trigone who wants to survive in a dangerous triangular world. Avoid the red or you explode. The good thing is that you have an unlimited number of lives in this game. If you make a mistake, just restart the level.

Download Trigono

Find My Car – Parking Tracker [4,49 € -> GRATIS]:

App to find where you have parked the car

App to find where you have parked your car

This application will always remind us where we have parked and, also, it can remind us when our parking time is running out and thus avoid a parking fine, for example.

Download Find My Car

As we always tell you, if you download the apps and then delete them, you can always download them again FREE, whenever you want.

Without further ado, we are waiting for you next week with the most outstanding offers of the moment.



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