The best apps to meditate and disconnect wherever you are

The best apps to meditate and disconnect wherever you are

We bring you the best apps to meditate. Five applications that will make us relax wherever we are. It is highly recommended to download any of them.

Apps to meditate

Who says the iPhone It only serves to play, communicate and help us in our day-to-day productivity.? The mobile can also help us to disconnect and meditate. There are all kinds of Applications and the ones we bring you today are the best in their category or, at least, the most downloaded.

Five meditation apps that we are going to discuss and that it is up to you to choose the one that best suits you. They’re all good. We are going to name them in order, from the most downloaded to the least downloaded.

Relaxation applications that we recommend you download and have on your devices. They are very effective and used at the right time, they will help us a lot.

The best apps to meditate from the iPhone:

To make this list, we have relied on the top downloads of the most installed meditation applications in ios.

Calm [Gratis]:

Calm one of the best apps to meditate

Calm one of the best apps to meditate

This is the most used app to relax and meditate. It does not hurt to disconnect at any time of the day and get away from daily stress. A highly recommended meditation application that relaxes even watching the presentation video. It has purchases that we recommend you execute, if in the end you choose to download it.

Download Calm

Headspace [Gratis]:

Headspace: Meditation and Sleep

Headspace App: Meditation and Sleep

Headspace is a magnificent meditation app that will allow us to find the perfect balance in our life. Relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that will bring calm, well-being, and balance to your life. In addition, there are sleep meditations to help you create the ideal conditions for a good night’s rest. An app in English that we hope they will translate shortly.

Download Headspace

Breethe [Gratis]:

Breethe: Meditation and Sleep

Breethe: Meditation and Sleep

We are facing another of the applications to consider for meditation. An app with integrated purchases that will help us meditate, relieve stress and sleep better. All this by dedicating only 5 minutes a day to the app.

Download Breethe

Simple Habit [Gratis]:

Simple Habit Sleep, Meditation

Simple Habit Sleep, Meditation

One of the most awarded apps of the App Store in its category. It has also been recommended in very important internet portals, such as in Business Insider. With Simple Habit We will meditate for just 5 minutes a day to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, breathe easier, and much more.

Download Simple Habit

Aura [Gratis]:

Aura: Relaxation and calm

Aura: Relaxation and calm

Another of the most downloaded and recommended meditation apps for iPhone it’s Aura. A simple app that is one of the simplest solutions to reducing stress and increasing positivity through mindfulness. Magnificent and with a very good review.

Download Aura

These are the five most used meditation apps on the planet. Obviously, one of the cons is that some are in English, but it is something that we cannot avoid. Sometimes the best is not always in the language we would like.

In any case, we have moved a tab and we have asked the developers of each app to do everything possible to translate it into our language. Let’s see if they listen to us.

If you are one of the people who studies English or you master the Anglo-Saxon language, it will come to you to review and put it into practice. They are very high quality apps and very good for meditating and relaxing.



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