The best apps for Apple Watch that you can download [2021]

The best apps for Apple Watch that you can download [2021]

We are talking about what, for us, are the best apps for Apple Watch. Five applications that we have installed on our watch and that have become essential in our day to day.

Best apps for Apple Watch

We use Apple watch for many years and that has given us the experience of testing many apps on the clock of Manzana. Among all of them there are five that we continue to use for a long time and we want to share them with you.

Obviously it is a somewhat objective selection. Each must install the Applications that best suit you for your day to day, but we think that this compilation is going to be great for you to discover some that, surely, you did not know.

After the jump we tell you what they are …

Best apps for Apple Watch [2021]:

In the following videos we will talk about all of them. Below, we give you the download links for each of the applications and the minute it appears in the video:

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1- MiniWiki (3:12):

The wikipedia on the Apple Watch

Wikipedia on the Apple Watch

There is no better app than this to carry all the Wikipedia on the Apple Watch. With a very neat interface and very well adapted to the clock of Manzana, is one of the applications that we have installed and that we use more than we think, especially in moments of tranquility when we want to quench our thirst for knowledge. We recommend it.

Download Miniwiki

2- iTranslate Converse (4:24):

Translator for Apple Watch

Translator for Apple Watch

One of the best apps that you can use in any destination you go. If you do not master the language of the country you want to go to, this application allows you to make your Apple Watch an intermediary in the conversation. Keep conversations flowing with this great app.

Download iTranslate Converse

3- Wikiloc (2:15):

Wikiloc for Apple Watch

Wikiloc for Apple Watch

We couldn’t live without it. Personally, I am a person who loves to do routes. Wikiloc It is, for me, the best routes app that exists. It is also adapted to the clock of Manzana and it allows you to follow routes that you indicate, so as not to get lost, and it also allows you to monitor all the routes that you do on your own and then publish them on your app profile. An example you can see in me Wikiloc profile (there are few routes because I deleted many a few weeks ago).

If you like hiking, don’t hesitate and download it.

Download Wikiloc

4- Telegram (5:47):

Telegram for Apple Watch

Telegram for Apple Watch

Without a doubt, it is, for almost everyone who uses it, the best messaging app that exists. An application to communicate with friends, family, internet contacts … that is very well adapted to Apple watch and from which you can check chats, channels, send new messages…. When will we see the app WhatsApp adapted to watch Manzana? An essential app if you are a regular user of Telegram.

Download Telegram

5- Yazio, lose weight with your Apple Watch (0:24):

Calorie counter for Apple Watch

Calorie Counter for Apple Watch

We discovered it a few months ago and it is another one that we recommend installing. With it we can control everything we eat. A calorie counter with which we can manage your food diary, record your activities and lose weight successfully. If you want to lose weight, do not hesitate and install it.

Download Yazio

Without further ado and hoping that this compilation with the best apps for Apple watchWe are waiting for you shortly with new news, apps, tutorials … for your devices iOS, WatchOS and iPadOS.



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