The best applications for diabetics that you can have on the iPhone

The best applications for diabetics that you can have on the iPhone

We bring you the best apps for diabetics, of the App Store. Four apps with very good reviews and that will surely help you to better control your blood glucose.

The best apps for diabetics

Many are the apps for diabetics that we can find in the store iOS apps. Depending on the tastes of each person, the same application can be liked more or less by different users.

We, based on the criticisms, evaluations and experiences of people with diabetes that we have among our friends, we are going to name the five most outstanding ones. 5 tools with which you can control, from the iPhone, all measurements, graphs, pins….

The best apps for diabetics:

All apps are free, although some may have some type of subscription associated with them.

One Drop: Diabetes Management:



Possibly the best. In it you can have control of all the controls that you do daily. In addition, you will be able to add more daily information such as meals, activity … which, surely, will help you to know yourself more and control, even more, that level of glucose in your blood.

It also has a built-in food database and a great carb counter.

It has a monthly subscription service with which you will receive a blood glucose meter, with Bluetooth, which synchronizes the data directly with the app. Also unlimited test strips and 24/7 real-time access to a personal diabetes trainer via in-app chat.

It has a version for Apple Watch

Download One Drop

mySugr: Diabetes Diary App:

mySugr app screenshots

MySugr app screenshots

We are in the 21st century. If you are still recording your measurements manually … what are you waiting for to make the leap to digital media? The app mySugr It will help you control your blood sugar levels, monitor your carbohydrates, control your insulin boluses … and thus avoid hypers / hiccups. All this from the comfort of having everything centralized in your iPhone.

Also if you use a meter Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect or Accu-Chek® Instant, you can synchronize them with the application.

One of the best rated applications by Spanish-speaking diabetics.

Download mySugr

SocialDiabetes App for diabetes:

Social Diabetes App Social diabetes app

Social diabetes app

This application is endorsed by the European Union and it is completely in Spanish.

Thanks to the data that is recorded, such as the food eaten and the glucose level at various times of the day, the app is able to report on the foods that most disrupt the glucose level. Something that will help diabetic people a lot to control, much more, their disease.

Download SocialDiabetes

gluQUO: Control your Diabetes:

GluQuo CapturesGluQuo Captures

GluQuo captures

gluQUO is the app that revolutionizes diabetes with your iPhone. In addition to being the evolution of a glucose diary, it becomes your assistant for diabetes in your day to day. Control your diabetes by forgetting about the notebook. We want all our users to forget their pathology without neglecting their health.

Download gluQUO

bant – Simplifying diabetes:

App for diabetes bant

Bant diabetes app

Take photos of meals, monitor weight, capture step data, and even sync directly to your blood glucose meter Bluetooth. Over time, the trend of this data will help you adjust your daily habits to improve your diabetes.

Download bant

We hope we have helped you find the best possible app to control your diabetes.

A greeting.


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