The best animated wallpapers for iPhone. This is how they are installed

The best animated wallpapers for iPhone.  This is how they are installed

We are talking about one of the best applications to obtain the best animated wallpapers for iPhone. Without a doubt, an indispensable app if you want to show off impressive lock screens.

The best animated wallpapers for iPhone

In the App Store there are many applications that allow you to convert videos into Live Photo. We have tried many and, of all of them, one of the ones that we like the most is intoLive. Free app, with purchase option in-app to eliminate advertising and obtain more functions, which without paying anything will help us for that rush.

If you do not know, it is essential to use the Live Photo to be able to enjoy wallpapers on the lock screen. If you iPhone and iPad has this photographic function you are in luck. If not, you will not be able to put this type of Wallpapers with movement.

We advise that in the 2020 iPhone SE it is not possible to do so at the moment.

Put the best animated wallpapers on your iPhone and iPad:

To do this, the first thing we have to do is download the video of the animated background that we want to put on the device. We recommend you download them from Pinterest. You enter the app and in the search engine you search «Video wallpapers» of what you want. We who are lovers of Dragon ball, we are looking for videos on this topic.

The best animated wallpapers of Dragon Ball

The best animated wallpapers of Dragon Ball

Chosen the video, which must be vertical to fit it to the screen of the iPhone, we download it. To do this, we copy the link of the video and paste it on a website that allows us to download videos from Pinterest, for example pinterestvideodownloader.

One time downloaded in our iCloud we access it and download it to our iPhone.

Save video to iPhone reel

Download the downloaded video to the iPhone reel

Now is when the app that we named you at the beginning comes into action.

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The intoLive App transforms videos into Live Photo:

It is time to download the app:

Download intoLive

We enter it and after giving permission for them to access our photos and videos, we select the video that we have downloaded from Pinterest.

We select the 5 seconds of the video that we want to appear on the animated wallpaper.

Select the part of the video you want to show

Select the part of the video you want to show

Now we click on create and select the only option that is free, which is “No repetitions”. When doing this, the following screen will appear.

Convert Video to Live Photo

Convert video to Live Photo

In it we press on the option “Save Live Photo”. When doing so, an ad will appear and after it it will tell us that the photograph has been saved as Live Photo on our reel.

Now, once we check that we have it on the reel, with the badge of Live Photo, we carry out the following tutorial to set an animated background on your iPhone lock screen.

Now we can enjoy the wallpaper on our device, as I showed on my personal Twitter:

Without further ado and hoping that you found the app that we have mentioned interesting, we encourage you to share it everywhere to make it reach as many people as possible.



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