The apps that Isabel Suárez, editor of APPerlas, has on her iPhone

The apps that Isabel Suárez, editor of APPerlas, has on her iPhone

This is something everyone wants to know: what Applications I use in my day to day. I don’t understand why it likes it, but it likes it and I am the first to read that type of post.

What do I have on my iPhone. By Isabel Suarez

As most of you know I have a iPhone 12 Pro, that when the next one comes out in September, I’m pretty sure I’ll change, although the Applications go with me almost forever. The phone is very good, but I change my cell phone whenever I can.

The truth is that I use the native applications of Manzana for its fast synchronization thanks to iCloud. I will never tire of praising the Ecosystem from Manzana, life gives me that facility it has to connect products with each other.

The applications that Isabel Suárez, editor of APPerlas, has on her iPhone:

My iPhone

What do i have on my iphone

I have two main screens, in the third I put screenshots of articles or photos that catch my attention.

Dock Apps:

As you can see, I have four, like almost all of you:

  • Telephone: Sometimes I use my iPhone as a phone and call.
  • Spark: My mail manager. It’s amazing and I can schedule emails. In it I have my personal accounts, there are two, and those of my daughters’ school, also two, all classified by color.
  • WhatsApp: I don’t think I need to explain its use much to you… It keeps me in touch with my people.
  • Telegram: I use it the same as WhatsApp, but for work. It’s like more serious, right?

Applications from the first screen of the iPhone:

I have, apart from my widget Widgetsmith, that I am changing them as I feel …:

  • Messages Y Facetime that I use a lot with my family to talk, see each other and communicate. I love wearing them.
  • Youtube It is essential for my work, I follow various channels (national and international), which provide me with a lot of knowledge and information.
  • Safari is my personal search engine and I am 100% delighted with the improvement it receives in ios fifteen, I think the most (although it has not liked much), you’ll see.

Then my life is divided into folders full of Emojis.

  • The first folder is the one I use the most, where are Apps like Glovo, Amazon, The English Court, Google Photos, Wallapop, H&M, Apples Used (web of purchase / sale of products Manzana secondhand) TuLotero, My Carrefour, ADT Alert (The app of my house alarm), Zalando Y Mutual (my car insurance).
  • In the following folder are my social networks (in case you are interested, I am isazulsite in all). I have Twitter, Instagram, Twich (isazulsite79), Club House, Zoom, TikTok (isazulsite79) Y Facebook (Isabel Suárez or Isazul Site), although the last 2 I hardly use them.
  • In the following folder I have the applications Manzana, how are the App Store, the Apple Store, Watch,Measures, Home, Look for, Fitness, Shortcuts and apps like SteepsApp, AutoSleep, Me Fit, Surfshark (my VPN) and Watchsmith (create spheres for your Apple Watch).
  • The next folder is the television folder, a great friend and one that saves us from many times, especially if we have small children. In this folder I have Netflix, Disney+, HBO, Prime Video, My TV, A3Player Y Pluto TV.

Applications of the second screen of the iPhone:

Also full of folders, we can find …:

  • Productive folders like the one for mobile work, in which I have my web server Wix Y my Space by Wix, the native application of Notes (from where I handle almost everything), Feedly (content manager that was recommended to me and that I love) and Schedule (An application that I am testing, and that for now does not convince me).
  • The following folder is the general working folder.
  • Then I have that of Banks and that of College of my daughters.
  • Then we have a music folder, in which I have Spotify, Amazon Music Y Apple Music. I don’t really use Amazon Music and enter Spotify Y Apple Music I’m alternating … but I’ll talk to you about that another time, do you think?
  • I have the folder of photographs, all except Image size Y Toonme They are for testing, they have no use.
  • In the following are the travel applications, among which are Uber, Waze, Metro of Madrid, Google maps, Iberia Y Cabify.
  • The next folder is the games folder … let me skip it because I don’t play, I have those downloaded in case someone plays for me …
  • Then there are the applications to take advantage of the sensor LiDAR… I have never used them, in fact it is very likely that I end up deleting that folder….
  • Finally I have the folder Health of the Community of Madrid, the application of Google with the latest news that interests me and Settings.

Is there an application that you recommend me and I should try?


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