The Apple Watch Series 7 will be able to measure blood glucose

The Apple Watch Series 7 will be able to measure blood glucose

We bring you all the information about the Apple Watch Series 7 and the possibility of measuring blood glucose, something that is required of this watch.

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This is how the Apple Watch can measure blood glucose

Today we talk about Apple Watch Series 7 and the most likely blood glucose function. Ideal for everyone, but especially for people with diabetes.

The Apple Watch is that watch that makes practically any task easier. By this we mean that we do not need to take out our iPhone for almost nothing, since from the wrist we can do everything exactly the same. In addition, it is a perfect health supplement, since it controls several important aspects of it.

This time we are going to talk about blood glucose and the possibility that we will see it implemented in the future Apple watch. Without a doubt, great news for all diabetics.

The Apple Watch Series 7 could measure blood glucose

As they have let us know from the middle ETNews, Apple would be working on this feature. This method would not include that prick that all those who suffer from diabetes already know, but it would be without using invasive methods.

But now the question everyone is asking is “And how will the Apple Watch be able to measure blood glucose?”. Well, using optical sensors, as does the electrocardiogram or the last to arrive, oxygen in the blood.

blood glucose 1glucose in blood 1

Process example

Through this process, the Apple Watch will be able to know the amount of glucose we have in the blood and therefore be able to keep a better control. In addition, for people who do not have diabetes, it would also be a great advance, since it could prevent future diseases.

But yes, at the moment they seem to be rumors, that although they sound with great force, they are still rumors. So we hope that Apple surprises us with this novelty in its new Apple Watch, which then if it will be a bestseller.


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