The Apple Watch S6 could include a long-awaited novelty

The Apple Watch S6 could include a long-awaited novelty

According to the latest rumors the future Manzana Watch Series 6 It could include one of the most anticipated news in recent months.

interior apple watch oximeter

The oximeter inside the Apple Watch

In a little over a month we will see the presentation of the new iPhone. With them, foreseeably, the new generation of Manzana Watch, the Series 6, which according to the latest rumors will arrive with a highly anticipated function. And if, as many of you will imagine we talk about the oximeter.

The oximeter is a tool that allows us to know the levels of oxygen in the blood. This tool, from the looks of it, is present in Manzana Watch since 2015, but Manzana has never activated it, despite the numerous requests that have been made in recent months due to the usefulness that this function could have in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic that we suffered.

Thanks to the oximeter in the Apple Watch Series 6, blood oxygen levels could be detected

We do not know why this function of the Manzana Watch, but according to the latest rumors the future generation of Apple Watch would finally integrate a oximeter fully functional inside.

The purpose of this tool would be, mainly, to detect the levels of oxygen in the blood, thanks to the sensors that it incorporates or could incorporate in Apple’s smartwatch. In this way we could know if our blood oxygen levels are adequate.

apple watch oximeterapple watch oximeter

iFixit already warned in 2015 of the presence of the oximeter in the Watch

The operation of the oximeter at Manzana Watch Series 6 it would be similar to the current functioning of the Electrocardiogram. In this way, it would detect when blood oxygen levels are not adequate and would inform users of this.

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This, and if the oximeter follow in the wake of Electrocardiogram or ECG, could be seen in an own application for the Watch. And it would be very useful, since it would help to detect respiratory problems quickly, especially taking into account the symptoms and conditions caused by the Coronavirus.

For now, and although they are reliable rumors, we will have to wait until September to see if this tool finally reaches the Manzana Watch. And not only that, but also to know if it will be activated in previous Watch or will be an exclusive function of the Series 6.

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