The Apple Watch could detect the Coronavirus before you have symptoms

The Apple Watch could detect the Coronavirus before you have symptoms

According to a study Apple watch and others “Wereables”, as devices Garmin and Fitbit, can predict a person’s positive for Coronavirus. We will tell you everything below.

The Apple Watch could detect the Coronavirus

If you have a Apple watch attentive because this devices Manzana It could predict, before you have symptoms, that you will pass COVID-19. This would be a super effective tool to eradicate the pandemic from the world.

He Mount Sinai Hospital and the Stanford University have carried out studies that corroborate the usefulness of the Apple watch in detecting the coronavirus. This device would be very effective, for example, in detecting asymptomatic people.

How can the Apple Watch detect the Coronivarus ?:

First of all we pass you the full study of the Mount Sinai Hospital. By clicking on that link you can access it and read it in full.

Rob hirten, professor of medicine at the School Icahn of Medicine of the Mount sinai in NY, comments that the variation in time between each heartbeat is an indicator of the progress of a person’s immune system. High heartbeat variability indicates that the patient has a healthy immune system and that the nervous system is “active, adaptable, and more resistant to stress.” Sick of coronavirus experience a lower beat rate of variability (little time variation between beats).

Hirten He comments that until now we depend on the patients feeling unwell to go to the doctor and perform the relevant tests to diagnose them. With the Apple watch Those who are asymptomatic and people who may have the virus can be diagnosed before they start to have symptoms. These would be a great advance to end this nightmare.

ECG on Apple WatchECG on Apple Watch

ECG on Apple Watch

In the study carried out at the University of Stanford, 32 people who tested positive for COVID-19 out of a total of 5,000 tested were tested. They found that 81% of the positives had experienced a change in their resting heart rate. In this case, the frequency had gone up enormously. This was detected up to nine and a half days prior to the onset of symptoms. You can consult the study here.

App to detect coronavirus:

Given the Manzana has already worked with the university of Stanford and seeing the results of this study, it may be that, although at the moment there is no mention of a possible application that may allow the user to monitor their own symptoms, Manzana may release something on this front soon.



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