The Apple Watch battery is not up to scratch. We want more autonomy

The Apple Watch battery is not up to scratch.  We want more autonomy

We need to talk seriously, Manzana. Your best battery werable it is not good at all and that has to be solved. Well, actually the batteries of almost all your devices could be improved.

Apple Watch Battery

Everybody knows that I have a Apple watch. And I’m not the only one in my house. Of its 4 members there are 3 with the clock of Manzana. There’s a 3, a 4 and a 5 and they all need to be charged after a day of use … That is not done, Manzana. Can not be.

It is not acceptable that of all the smartwatches on the market that of Manzana is the most expensive, by far, and the one that lasts the least battery, which does not go over a day and a half, using it very little and disabling some functions.

Everyone complains, above all, about the low battery life of the Apple Watch:

To get more views on the subject, I conducted a survey at Twitter, in which 99% of the people complained about the same thing; the drums of the clock is very bad. Amen to the terrible implementation of some App native. Many wanted more App of health and the return of Force Touch, but the long-awaited battery was a recurring request.

Battery info on Apple Watch

Battery info on Apple Watch

Tim cook has given an interview in which he says, among other things, that “The Apple Watch is a decade ahead of the competition.” Yes, you are right, I already said it, I cannot live without your contributions, but I would do much better with another battery. It is true that most of the functions and applications that it has, although there are many people who ask for more, it gives millions of laps to the competition, but its battery is laughable and the competition far exceeds it.

Let’s see, we complain about the bad battery in the watches of Cupertino for the high price of the same. If they give me that battery for € 100/200, it would seem good to me, but it is that the most basic and cheapest model costs almost € 300. Mine, specifically, came out for € 549 (series 5, 44mm, silver and GPS. Very basic and normal) …

I ask for a bigger battery … and you?


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