The Apple Store will open in Spain on June 4

We bring you all the information about the new reopening of the Apple Store in Spain and under what conditions they will succeed.

 the Apple Store

Starting tomorrow, the Apple Store opens its doors

Today we are talking about the reopening of the Apple Store in Spain. Good news for all users of Manzana, since we can finally go to one of their stores.

We have all suffered this pandemic led by the well-known Covid-19. And it has completely paralyzed us all, although little by little everything returns to normal. And this is where Apple comes into play, since its stores have remained closed and have been opening them by country and according to their situation.

Now it is the turn of Spain and finally the starting gun is going to be given, so that we can go to the physical Apple stores.

The Apple Store will open in Spain on June 4

Well, after a long wait, Apple stores open their doors. Although beware, not all will open on the 4th. As expected, those stores that are in a more advanced phase will open first.

At this point, you will wonder which stores are going to open and in APPerlas we are going to give you the location of all of them. To date we know that only 4 stores They are the ones that will open on June 4, which are:

  • Marbella
  • Saragossa
  • Valencia
  • Murcia

These will be the 4 stores that will open their doors and as we go, the others will open. In complete safety, to go to these stores, you have to make an appointment, since consultations in the Genius Bar will be given priority.

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Therefore, if you were waiting to go to an Apple Store, you already know that from tomorrow there will be 4 stores that open their doors.


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