The “Always On” of Apple Watch can get to bother at some point

The "Always On" of Apple Watch can get to bother at some point

The clock of Manzana It is one of the best of those of Cupertino. With the Series 5 implemented a new way of feeling the clock, leaving the always-on display.

Always-on display and Cinema Mode

Always On, which they called it, consists of a type of screen that always stays on, although with much less brightness and darker, so that you always have the opportunity to see the now at any time or situation. It is worth having it on and seeing it at certain times, although at others it can be a bit annoying.

Always On, according to Apple, does not affect the poor watch battery. Say those of Cupertino, that he Apple watch With this technology, it has a special screen that turns off the pixels and makes them darker so as not to consume the clock’s own resources‚Ķ I don’t know to what extent it is true, my clock lasts a little more than 24 hours.

The Cinema Mode of the Apple Watch does not shine:

If we do not want to deactivate the always-on screen of our Watch but we want to let it stop being activated for a certain time, we can set the clock to Cinema mode so as not to disturb anyone while we sleep, we are at the cinema…. the Apple watch it continues working but with the screen turned off.

 Activate the "Cinema mode" on the Apple Watch

Activate “Cinema Mode” on Apple Watch

On multiple occasions, for example, they have complained about how annoying it can be to be in the dark, for example sleeping, and to find the light of the clock in your eyes. They are right, it bothers a lot. That is why it is good to put it in Cinema mode.

I sleep with him Apple watch to control my sleep, since I use the app AutoSleep, but every two by three whenever I turn my wrist, that light shines and is very strong. Bothers too much. That is why I have gotten used to putting it on Cinema mode and so I don’t wake up with its light.

I have the Cinema mode, at night, and the vibration on all day, so my watch does not chime.

How do you have configured your Apple watch?


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