The AirTag is scratched just by looking at it. The apple symbol is hardly visible

The AirTag is scratched just by looking at it.  The apple symbol is hardly visible

Fifteen days with my keys in the new AirTag and the silver part of it is already so scratched that the symbol of Manzana appears almost completely blurred. In 6 months you can’t even see it!

Apple Airtag

It is the first time that a product of Manzana and this has been just by looking at it. It doesn’t seem half normal to me, really. I had seen, and read, that this happened in the Airtag, but I didn’t want to believe it until it happened to me…. No wonder it costs “only” € 35.

As I said before, on Monday, May 10, the one I had bought on the website of Manzana. So far everything normal. When buying a product they tell you when it will arrive. You can get ahead but never fall behind. Love it. Let’s get back to the topic, I am confused. It came to me, I put it on the key ring, which they had sent me from Manzana (previous payment) a few days before, I put it in my keys and that’s it … it’s already scratched. A couple of weeks and not even that, it has lasted me pristine.

Are the Airtag useful ?:

For me, for my use, I am not going to take advantage of it. I know it before I buy it. I don’t usually lose my keys, but I didn’t have a key ring and this one was very nice. Of course, the joke has been a bit expensive.

My grated Airtag

My grated Airtag

I used it the other day for the first time and it works. My eldest daughter hid the keys from me, without my knowing it, and through the sound emitted by the AirTag I found them. I am aware that this is possibly the only time I am going to use it and she also thought so, that’s why she hid them from me, really.

People do not understand its use well. Me neither. The theory I know but I do not find it useful. If you want to touch the legality and follow someone, if the other person does not have any device ios, you can do it. Of course, if you have a iPhone will notify you that you have a AirTag, with determined Apple ID in his power. And that does not seem right to me, not that it warns, if not that it can be used for that purpose.

What do you think?. Would you buy a AirTag?


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