The 8 best ways to fix Google spreadsheets don’t allow me to type or edit an error

The 8 best ways to fix Google spreadsheets don't allow me to type or edit an error

Google Sheet allows users to collaborate on a single spreadsheet without having to save anything. And all changes are saved in real time. However, many users are unable to take advantage of Sheets’ main functionality and selling point. Many users complain that Google Sheets does not allow them to type or edit documents.

Google spreadsheets don't allow me to type or edit

This means that you cannot collaborate with team members and that the whole process becomes tedious and time consuming. There could be a multitude of reasons behind this error. We have found a few solutions that help solve this problem.

Let’s start.

1. Basic steps

These are simple steps that can help resolve some common bugs and errors that you may face while using Sheets. Refresh the page to reload the file and try again. Close the browser and relaunch it. I don’t see how restarting the computer can help except freeing up system resources, but is worth a try.

2. Quick solution

A quick way to work around this problem is to use the Sheets app on your smartphone or tablet. This will not only allow you to work on the file and do it, but also to clarify where the problem lies. For example, if you can type or edit Sheets in the mobile app but not in the browser, then you need to troubleshoot the browser.

Google spreadsheets don't allow me to type or edit 21

Try a combination of different platforms (Android, iOS, Web) and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Brave) to find out what works and what doesn’t. Go to # 8 for how to clear the cache and data to resolve the issue in the browser and mobile app.

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3. Copy to a new Sheets file

Another quick fix might be to copy the contents of the file to a new Sheets file. Just type ‘’ in the address bar of a new browser tab to create a new file and try to copy and paste the content. The permissions will completely lead to defining whether you are facing the same error or not. Check if it works for you.

4. Work offline

Do you have a stable internet connection? You can try a different Wi-Fi connection or a mobile hotspot. There are two things you should do in case you do not have access to the Internet. One is to download and install the Google Docs extension offline for Chromium-based browsers. The other step is to activate the Offline work for sheets option in the browser settings. Your work will be saved to your Google Account when your PC reconnects to the Internet. So can you type and edit in Sheets while working in offline mode?

5. Google Account

You must log in with your Google Account before you can edit or enter Google Sheets. Of course, we often end up opening sheets with different domain accounts and it should work if they’re part of the G Suite family.

Fixed Google spreadsheets not allowing me to type or change error 2

Click the View Only button and you’ll see a message specifically asking you to sign in with a Google Account. Do it, refresh the page, and check again if you can edit or enter Google Sheets.

6. Authorization to view or modify

Whether you can only view, comment, or edit a sheet file also depends on the access permissions you are granted. Usually the creator of the Sheets document provides these permissions. You may be in read-only mode or may only comment on the file, but not edit and make changes.

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Correcting Google spreadsheets don't allow me to type or change the error 1

This is another reason why Sheets does not allow you to type or edit. Send an email to the administrator / creator and request access to the edition. You can also click on the “Display only” button and send a request for modification rights.


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Last updated on April 27, 2020


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