The 6 best ways to fix Instagram crash on iPhone issues

The 6 best ways to fix Instagram crash on iPhone issues

Are you facing Problems when using Instagram on your iPhone? Does it continue to crash immediately when you open the app or after a few minutes of use? I’ve experienced it frequently and I have to say it’s quite frustrating. If you’re having a similar problem, find out six ways to fix the Instagram app freeze on your iPhone.

Running an old or buggy Instagram application version, an obsolete or incompatible operating system, Instagram server problems are some of the factors responsible for the crash of social network application on your iPhone. We have found a few methods below to get your Instagram back to normal.

1. Close other applications

If your iPhone Instagram app continues to crash after opening, this could happen because your device’s RAM may not be enough to keep all open apps running. It is unlikely if you are using the latest model in the iPhone 11 series.

However, one thing to do to resolve this issue is to close other apps and check if the Instagram app is working properly without crashing suddenly. Close all applications (including Instagram) and only launch Instagram afterwards.

If Instagram still crashes after closing other active and background apps, try the following troubleshooting method below.

2. Update the Instagram application

You need to make sure that you are running the latest version of the Instagram app on your iPhone. Older and obsolete versions of applications usually have bugs and other problems that cause them to malfunction or crash during use. Launch the App Store on your device and check if your Instagram app is up to date. If you see an Update button on the app page, you have an old version and you need to press the Update button to update your Instagram app.

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If there is no Update button on the Instagram app page of the App Store on your device (and what you have instead is an Open button), it means the latest version is installed on your iPhone.

Note: The Instagram app may also crash if you are using an unverified iOS 13 developer beta. In this case, you will have to live with it until the next beta version.

Go to the next method to resolve the Instagram crash issue.

3. Restart your iPhone

A simple restart of your iPhone could help refresh your device and resolve any issues that cause the Instagram app to crash frequently. Turn off your iPhone by holding the power button and the volume down button simultaneously for a second or two. Move the “ Slide to turn off ” slider to the right to turn off your iPhone. After a minute (or less), hold the power button until an Apple logo appears on the screen to turn it back on.

Launch and use your Instagram app and check if it still hangs. If so, try the following troubleshooting method below.

4. Reinstall Instagram

Yes, removing the app from your device could help resolve issues that cause it to crash or crash suddenly during use.

Note: Deleting / uninstalling Instagram from your device would also delete application data, temporary files (cache) and other data associated with the application. However, the application data stored and saved in your iCloud account is not deleted and can be restored. You can also try the Download the functionality of unused applications with the Instagram app if you want to keep certain data.

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To do this, long press the Instagram icon on your iPhone’s home page. In the context menu, tap Delete application.

A prompt notifying you that the application data will also be deleted will appear on the screen. Tap Delete to continue.

Now head over to the Instagram app page on the Apple App Store to reinstall the app on your device. If the app still hangs after reinstalling, continue to the following troubleshooting method below.

5. Update iOS

Instagram may crash on your iPhone due to application and operating system compatibility issues. Updating your phone’s operating system helps you get rid of bugs that can cause apps to malfunction.

In addition, Instagram currently supports devices in iOS 11 and newer. In the unlikely event that your iPhone is running a version lower or earlier than iOS 11, you should update your device’s operating system to the latest version or buy a new iPhone running the compatible operating system (well, to use other applications as well).

To update your phone’s iOS, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the Settings menu on your iPhone.

2nd step: Select General.

Step 3: Select Software update.

You will be asked to download and install any available updates for your device. Otherwise, a message informing you that your device is up to date will appear on the screen.

If your iPhone software is up to date or Instagram still freezes after updating the software, continue to the following troubleshooting method below.

6. Wait

If Instagram continues to crash on your iPhone and you’ve tried all of the above methods to fix it, but nothing works, you need to verify that Instagram services are up and running – maybe from a friend or on the networks social. If the Instagram services are down, the app freezes or doesn’t open at all.

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Instagram has a history of crashing or not working at all when it has server problems or makes changes to its server. Whenever this happens, the best you can do is wait for Instagram (or Facebook – its parent company) to solve the problem on its side.


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