The 5 most interesting NEW APPS that have arrived on the App Store

FREE APPS for a limited time, which you have to download on your iPhone

Compilation with the five new apps more interesting, which have been released in the App Store during the last seven days.

What’s new in the App Store

Thursday arrives and with it, the compilation of the new apps most interesting that have come to our devices iOS Y iPadOS. If you want to be up to date in applications, do not miss them.

This week it took us more than normal to make the selection. The end of the year is coming and the time when the App Store goes on vacation, this year will be December 23 to 27, and it seems that the developers have taken their foot off the gas. Few notable premieres in recent days but, as always, we get gold from all sides.

Here you have the selection of this week.

New apps for iPhone and iPad:

These applications and games have been released in the App Store, between November 26 and the December 3, 2020.

1 Chance. [Gratis]:

Game 1 Chance

Game 1 Chance

14 mini-games where you can test your speed, intelligence and dexterity. Try to complete them all but ATTENTION !!!, you can only play once. In this way we will feel the pressure to the maximum. Will you become the next 1 Chance World Champion?

Download 1 Chance.

Guardian Chronicle [Gratis]:

Guardian Chronicle Strategy Game

Guardian Chronicle Strategy Game

In Guardian Chronicle We will have to defend ourselves from a swarm of enemies playing with random guardians on a battlefield. We will be able to present various strategies and tactics based on the combination of the guardians that we are using, since each guardian has a unique ability. Our goal is to defeat our opponent and claim victory with our personal group of guardians.

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Download Guardian Chronicle

Football Manager 2021 Mobile [9,99 €]:

Football Manager 2021 screenshot

Football Manager 2021 screenshot

The new season of one of the soccer games for iPhone and iPad most played and successful of the App Store. Are you ready to lead your team to glory and become the best manager in the world?

Download Football Manager 2021 Mobile

Quest hunter 2 [Gratis]:

Role Playing Game Quest Hunter 2

Roleplay Quest Hunter 2

Fantastic role-playing game in which we must find treasures and secrets, solve puzzles, equip our character, improve our skills and kill enemy bosses. We can play alone, with friends or online with up to 4 players.

Download Quest Hunter 2

Shining beyond [Gratis]:

Shining Beyond Game

Shining Beyond game

Shining beyond is an online role-playing game, it’s an ‘idle action hybrid’ that adapts to any style of play. Take on powerful monsters and daunting challenges like raids, while passively collecting resources and loot while out of the game.

Download Shining Beyond

We hope you found this week’s premieres interesting and we are waiting for you next week with more new apps for your iPhone and iPad.



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