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The 5 most downloaded apps of the week on iPhone and iPad

We bring you five most downloaded apps of the week. We will tell you a little about them and we will give you the link so that you can install them in your iPhone Y iPad. If they are the most downloaded … for something, don’t you think?

Most downloaded apps on the App Store

Happy monday to everyone. We start the week with our particular ranking of the Most downloaded apps on iPhone, during the last seven days.

This week the game triumphs again, as it has been for many weeks Among US!, although in Spain it has dropped positions due to apps related to the Coronavirus, for example Radar Covid, they have advanced him in the classification. But in the rest of the world the game of the year is still the most downloaded application.

Without further ado, here we show you the most downloaded worldwide.

The most downloaded apps of the week on iOS:

In this compilation we show you the five most outstanding apps, among the most downloaded worldwide, among the October 26th and the November 1, 2020.

Shortcut Run [Gratis]:

Shortcut Run game for iPhone

Shortcut Run game for iPhone

New game from the developer Voodoo to play anytime, anywhere. Simple and addictive, we will be able to fight boredom when it hits us waiting for the subway, bus, the doctor… Very downloaded this week in countries like Germany, Canada, France …

Download Shortcut Run

4K Wallpapers – ALIVE [Gratis]:

ALIVE wallpapers

ALIVE wallpapers

If you want wallpapers in 4K, animated, customizable … download this application. Every week it brings incredible news that will come to your iPhone’s lock and home screens.

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Download ALIVE

Color Roll 3D [Gratis]:

Color Roll 3D game for iPhone

Color Roll 3D game for iPhone

Roll and create beautiful images. Very simple mechanics, just tap and roll. A game that you start to play and it is difficult to stop passing levels. That is why … think about it before downloading it because you are going to fall into their networks for a long time.

Download Color Roll 3D

ROBLOX [Gratis]:

Roblox for iPhone and iPad

Roblox for iPhone and iPad

The well-known game Roblox returns to the fore, becoming one of the highest-grossing games of the week in many countries. It is noted that many return to play this great game that the competition does to the same Minecraft.

Download ROBLOX




An application that has been widely downloaded this week in Catalonia. An app that many autonomous communities in Spain should learn from to put it into practice. How does your description read … «It is a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence (AI), aimed at responding to the main concerns or doubts that this crisis generates among citizens, from aspects related to hygiene and health measures; the movements allowed and prohibited during the State of Alarm; certificates and administrative procedures; insurance coverage; tax aspects; aid and support measures for workers, companies and the self-employed; doubts about the school year, etc. A cognitive assistant that interacts with citizens. »


Without further ado and hoping to have discovered apps of your interest, we are waiting for you next week with the Most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPad This week.

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