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The 5 best NEW APPS that just hit the App Store

We tell you what the five have been new apps, more prominent, that have reached the App Store in the last days. If you want to be up-to-date in applications, do not stop reading the article.

The 5 best NEW APPS that just hit the App Store

App releases on the App Store

Thursday arrives and with it, the most interesting compilation of new apps for iPhone and iPad from all over the internet. We manually select those that, for us, are the most outstanding premieres of the week in the App Store.

This week we had a hard time choosing the most outstanding apps from among all the new arrivals at the store Applications. But since we have a great team, we have achieved it and after much research, here we pass them to you. Of course, we warn that all apps are games.

New applications for iPhone and iPad, most prominent in the App Store:

Below we mention applications released between the September 10-17, 2020.

Kingdomtopia: The Idle King [Gratis]:

Kingdomtopia GameKingdomtopia game

Kingdomtopia game

After living in peace for years, the medieval animal kingdom called Kingdomtopia is invaded by an unknown enemy. This war left the entire kingdom in ruins and even led to the death of the King. Together with our trusted advisor, Pugg, we must play as a new king in the making to rebuild the kingdom. Restore districts, renew and expand your empire to bring peace and prosperity to your loyal citizens.

Download Kingdomtopia

Monopoly Junior [4,49 €]:

Children's MonopolyThe 5 best NEW APPS that just hit the App Store

Children’s Monopoly

The well-known turn-based game invites us to live an experience full of activities for a single player. An ideal game to introduce children to this classic that, as the years go by, is always current.

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Download Monopoly Junior

Flip This House: House Design [Gratis]:

Puzzle game for iPhone and iPadThe 5 best NEW APPS that just hit the App Store

Puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

Puzzle game in which we will have to design, decorate and reform houses. Join the home improvement team and help people in need. If you like games like Candy crush, you will like this app.

Download Flip This House

Rowdy City Wrestling [Gratis]:

Fighting game for iPhoneThe 5 best NEW APPS that just hit the App Store

Fighting game for iPhone

Every fighting career has to start somewhere. For you will be the streets of Rowdy city. The gym in that city is a place where dreams can be realized or crushed. You will meet a variety of characters throughout your career, some who want to help you and others who may have other plans for you.

Download Rowdy City Wrestling

Soccer Manager 2021 [Gratis]:

Soccer coach game for iOSThe 5 best NEW APPS that just hit the App Store

Soccer coach game for iOS

It has not been launched yet but the developer of this soccer manager simulator, informs that the next one will be released September 19th. That is why we notify you in advance so that, if you like this type of football games, go taking positions.

Download Soccer Manager 2021

Without further ado, we wait for you next week with new applications for your devices iOS.


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