The 5 best car games for iPhone and iPad

The 5 best car games for iPhone and iPad

If you are a lover of speed, today we bring you 5 exciting Car games that can not be missing in your iPhone or iPad.

Best car games for iOS

Jgames for iPhone and iPad on the App Store, there is to give and to sell. Specific race games there are lots. This week we have put on the helmet and we have tried a large number of them, to tell you which ones we liked the most.

As lovers of speed that we are, do not think that we settle for just any game. We have chosen the ones that we found the most frenetic, addictive, exciting…. We have left many out of this selection. Very good car games, but we put ourselves on top of only naming 5.

Are you ready? Put your helmet on. Here they are …

Top 5 car games for iOS:

Real Racing 3 [Gratis]:

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Without hesitation, this is the game that many members of the team of APPerlas, we’ve been hooked for a long time. The gameplay, graphics, sound … that this great game has is amazing. Nothing to envy to console racing games like PS4, Xbox

Download Real Racing 3

Asphalt 9: Legends [Gratis]:

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends

We are facing the latest sequel to the most popular saga of car games of the App Store. Impressive graphics, spectacular sound, great soundtrack … all this gathered in a racing game in which you must compete against the best drivers in the world to become a legend.

Download Asphalt 9

CSR Racing 2 [Gratis]:

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2

Compete in frenetic races, with pilots from all over the world. Acquire the best cars and modify them to win in impressive duels face to face. Another of the games we’ve been hooked on for a long time. We recommend it and we warn you that it is one of the most addictive car games for iPhone.

Download CSR 2

Need for Speed: NL The Race [Gratis]:

Need for Speed: NL La Carrera

Need for Speed: NL The Race

Create and customize cars to your liking in this great game from the creators of Real Racing 3. Drive at full throttle in urban and underground races. Amazing game that, as you can see in the trailer, is a marvel graphically and in terms of gameplay. Drive at full speed and without fear.

Download Need for Speed: NL The race

Racing fever [Gratis]:

Racing Fever

Racing fever

Addictive game for fans of arcade racing and driving simulators. Choose your favorite car and join the challenge. We have six different rooms with different prizes. Go head-to-head against your friends or challenge players from around the world.

Download Racing Fever

5 speed games that we encourage you to play. You won’t be disappointed by any of them.



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