The 3 best ways to fix Skype translator not working on mobile and Windows

The 3 best ways to fix Skype translator not working on mobile and Windows

Skype is a popular video and voice calling tool with incredible features. If you have to communicate with people who speak a language completely different from your own, Skype’s translation function eliminates the language barrier by translating your messages and calls into your preferred language. Like other Skype features, in-app translation often doesn’t work. In this guide, we highlight three (3) simple and easy fixes to get the Skype translator working on mobile and Windows.

It is one thing for the entire application to not work, and it is another for a section or feature of the application to stop working or occasionally malfunction. You can try the usual restart, reset and reinstall routine. If you only have problems using the app’s translation function, go to the methods below.

1. Reactivate the translated conversation

You want to make sure that Skype translation services are enabled on your Skype app for the conversation you want to translate into another language. If so, deactivate the function and reactivate it. To activate the translated conversation on Skype, follow the steps below.


Step 1: Launch your Skype application and right click on the conversation you want to translate.

2nd step: Select View Profile.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the Profile section and select the “Send Translation Request” option.

You should see a “Request for Translation Sent” message.

On the mobile

Step 1: Launch the Skype app on your Android or iOS device and long press on the conversation you want to translate.

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2nd step: Then select View Profile.

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the Profile page and select the “Send translation request” option.

A message “Request for translation sent” will appear.

Now this is where the problem with the Skype translator not working can arise. If the other party does not accept your translation request, the Skype translator will not work for SMS and calls. That said, make sure your contact accepts your translation request. If they have not received any request, you can cancel the request you sent earlier and resend a new request.

Press the Cancel button next to the message “Request for translation sent” and resend the request.

2. Repair and reset Skype

If Skype translation still doesn’t work, you can ask your Windows operating system to repair the application and resolve any issues that prevent it from working properly. If repairing Skype does not make its translator work, reset the application to put things back in order. Follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1: Launch the Windows Settings menu and select Applications.

2nd step: Scroll to the bottom of the “Applications and Features” page and click Skype.

Step 3: Then click on Advanced Options.

Step 4: Now click on Repair and wait a few seconds.

Check if the Translator function now works with your contact. If not, reset the application by clicking on the Reset button.

3. Update Skype

Updating Skype can also help resolve Skype translator issues. Most importantly, you also need to make sure that the contact whose messages and calls you want to translate also has the latest version of Skype installed on their device. Indeed, Skype’s translation service operates in a two-way street model. Your contact may not receive the invitation to translate your conversations if they are not running the latest version of Skype.

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Go to the Microsoft Store on your Windows computer to update the Skype app and ask your contact to do the same.

On the mobile

If you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet, launch the Play Store app and update your Skype app. For iPhone and iPad users, update Skype from the App Store.

Don’t forget to tell your contact to also update their apps.

Another reason why you should (regularly) update your Skype application is to get rid of bugs that could prevent the translation from working. Skype translation may not work if the version containing the functionality is buggy / faulty. In this case, you will have to wait until Microsoft deploys a fix to the problem.

Going through the solution thread on the Microsoft forum, an independent consultant confirmed that the problem with the Skype translator is general and that Microsoft has not yet resolved the problem. So you may have to wait.

Communicate without obstacles

Skype translation is, without a doubt, a great feature. Its instability is sad, however – at least for those who use it very often. In general, method # 1 and method # 2 listed above should fix the Skype translation functionality and make it work again if the problem comes from your device or the Skype app. If the Skype translation service is down or faulty from Microsoft, you have no choice but to wait for an update to be released to correct the functionality. Alternatively, you can use other video calling alternatives that offer translation services.

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Last updated on April 24, 2020


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