The 10 most downloaded applications on iPhone and iPad during 2020

Recommended apps for iPhone and iPad to download in June 2020

We talk about the 10 most downloaded apps in all of 2020, on devices iOS. The report has just arrived and we will tell you all about the apps that succeeded last year and that, for sure, will give a lot to talk about in 2021.

Top apps 2020

Top apps 2020

When december comes Manzana usually send his ranking of the most outstanding apps of the year. It is a compilation that we all like to see and evaluate to, above all, see if we have tried all of them or there is one that, for any circumstance, we will miss and we may be interested in installing.

But it’s the portal the one that in January of the new year, sends a report to the media that shows the graph of the apps that have really triumphed in the world at a global level. In it the devices are added iOS and Android. As is to be expected, we are going to extract the information that concerns us and we are going to generate the ranking, only, of apps for iPhone.

TOP 10 apps of 2020 for iPhone:

In the following image we show you a “raw” graph. In it, the apps are classified according to the total downloads, added, of the apps in Android and iOS.

Top Apps 2020

Top Apps 2020

Now we are going to order them following the criteria of downloaded only on iOS:

  1. TikTok
  2. Zoom
  3. Youtube
  4. Instagram
  5. Facebook
  6. WhatsApp
  7. Messenger
  8. Netflix
  9. Microsoft Teams
  10. Google Meet

It is clear that in times of pandemic the most downloaded are messaging apps, video calls, social networks and entertainment as they may be TikTok, Youtube and Netflix.

A ranking that does not surprise us and that makes the use we give to our devices clear.

Most downloaded new apps in 2020:

Since we are with this compilation we will talk about the 3 new apps that have arrived in 2020 and that most were downloaded:

Top New Arrivals Applications in 2020

Top new arrivals apps in 2020

As you can see, the ranking of the TOP 3 on iOS would be as follows:

  1. Widgetsmith
  2. CapCut
  3. Watched

Without further ado and hoping that you have been interested in this article, we will soon use more news, apps, tutorials, tricks … to get the most out of your iOS devices.



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