Terma de Dragones is season 23 of Clash Royale

Terma de Dragones is season 23 of Clash Royale

The new one Clash Royale season 23 You can now play in the game and then we tell you all the details about this season.

New season of the game

We are on the first Monday of a new month and, as always, it is now available at Clash royale a new season of the game. And, just as it happened in the previous season, they bring us elements that have already been used before.

In this new season, change as usual the Sand Legendary. But we won’t find one Sand Legendary new, but we will see a Sand Legendary which was already featured and used in one of the previous seasons.

This season 23 of Clash Royale is practically the same as season 11

Specifically, it is the Legendary Arena used in the season 11, called Here Be Dragons, with the aesthetics based on the different dragons of the game. And, as with the new Arena, we also find the same Arena miniature that we found in season 11.

clash royale dragons 2 season 23

The Legendary Arena that arrives this time

As usual, when a new season arrives, a new Royale Pass also arrives. And, in it, we will find the 35 reward brands and the 35 Premium brands in case of having purchased the Pass for a price of € 5.49.

These brands will allow you to obtain different rewards among which we find, depending on the Pass Royale, a new skin or aspect for the tower of crowns and a new exclusive emoji that this time is from the Mortar card.

clash royale dragons 3 season 11

The Legendary Arena miniature

With this new season no new card comes to the game and the card that is empowered will be, for now, the Infernal dragon. In addition, we will also find the typical challenges that, throughout the month, will allow us to obtain different rewards such as reactions, cards, chests and magic items among others.

And, at the moment, it does not seem that there are going to be balance changes, so it seems that the cards will stay the same. What do you think of this “new” season of Clash Royale? It seems that, from Supercell, they are reusing different ideas for their new seasons.


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