Telegram will stop being a completely free app

How to know if a person has listened to an audio on Telegram

The creator of Telegram has announced that from 2021 its popular instant messaging app will no longer be totally free.

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Telegram will be paid in 2021

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging apps. It is not the most used, since that position has it WhatsApp, but always is at the forefront of app improvements and new app features.

And, although it is not the most used, it is about to reach 500 million users. Very good news for the creator and developers of the app, which is accompanied by some not so good for users.

Telegram will try to monetize the app in 2021 in two different ways

From what it seems, as the creator of Telegram has made known through a channel in his own app, Telegram will cease to be completely free in 2021. And he already has plans to start monetizing the platform without affecting users too much .

The ways in which they plan to monetize Telegram to earn income are two. The first one is about including premium features in the app. These functions premium will be new functions that only users who have decided to pay will be able to access. That if, the current functions will continue to be thanks.

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One of the last functions that have come to Telegram

The second way will be including advertisements in the app. These ads will be seen by all users in order to get benefits, but they will not be in all functions of Telegram since, they will not be shown in the messages and services that the majority of users make use of. Also, these ads appear to be not too invasive.

At the moment it is not known when these will begin to be applied “payment methods” in Telegram. What is clear is that they will arrive in 2021 and, once they are integrated into the appThey will be here to stay permanently.


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