Telegram considerably increases its number of users

How to know if a person has listened to an audio on Telegram

Telegram has announced a very considerable increase in its users, all probably due to the controversy raised with WhatsApp.

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People have also chosen Telegram to replace WhatsApp

A few days ago, a new controversy broke out with WhatsApp. This time it was about the new terms and conditions of use of the app, which will have to be accepted when the end of January, and by which “we give permission”, when using the app, for WhatsApp to share most of our data with Facebook.

This controversy caused many users to start looking for an alternative to the instant messaging app that would protect their privacy. And, although it has been possible to see in the rankings of downloads that users have chosen a specific app, the already known Telegram it has also benefited greatly.

In 72 hours Telegram has got more than 25 million new users:

This is how the application itself has made it known through a message that it has sent to users who already use the app. And, in it, it reveals that Telegram It has already exceeded 500 million active users in the application.

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Telegram announcement

But it is not the most noteworthy. The highlight is that, in the last 72 hours prior to the publication of this article, they have joined this messaging platform more than 25 million users new. And, from what it seems, the vast majority have done so through invitation links from users who already made use of Telegram before the controversy of the terms of use of WhatsApp.

We are completely sure that this rise in users is mainly due to the controversy of WhatsApp. But, in addition, it is enhanced by the fact that many users know Telegram and the app includes many more features than WhatsApp.

What do you think about it?. Will you switch to apps like Signal or Telegram or will you stay in what, at the moment, is the most used instant messaging app ?.



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