Telegram adds Voice Chats with its new update

How to adjust the maximum size of Telegram cache

The app instant messenger Telegram has released an update that includes, among other novelties, the Voice chats.

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New Telegram update with many new features

Telegram is probably one of the best instant messaging applications. It is not as used as WhatsApp, but it is always much ahead of the news in the app and new functions are concerned.

And today they have released a new update for the application that includes quite a lot of interesting news. And the one that is the most interesting, without a doubt, are the new Voice chats that reach the application groups.

The main novelty of this Telegram update is the arrival of group Voice Chats to the app

These new Telegram Voice Chats allow us to turn any group chat into a kind of conference or walkie talkie. If we activate them in a group in which we are an administrator, anyone in the group can start a voice chat and all group participants can communicate in this new way.

Besides Voice chats This update also includes other new features in Telegram. Some improvements have also been added to editing photos and editing comments. And, also, the stickers for Telegram much faster in addition to being able to see the outline of them while they are loaded.

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Voice Chats in the Telegram app

In addition, the complete compatibility of Telegram with Siri. The arrival of this function has already been announced, but now it comes definitively and Siri You can announce the messages we receive in the app through headphones compatible with this function.

To be able to update Telegram and enjoy all the news of this update you just have to access the App Store. Without a doubt, it is an app update that we recommend downloading as soon as possible.


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