Telegram adds video calls with up to 30 people

Telegram adds video calls with up to 30 people

The new update of Telegram has added the possibility of making video calls with up to 30 people, in addition to other new features.

New Telegram update

Telegram video calls have been present in the application for some time. And, for a few months, the possibility of adding group video calls to the messaging application had been rumored.

And now, thanks to the new update of Telegram, these multiple or group video calls are now available. They will be developed in the application groups and will have some limitations for the moment.

Group video calls are not the only novelty that comes with this Telegram update

Thus, right now, the limit of people who can be in a group video call at the same time will be 30 people. But, from the looks of it, since Telegram they intend to increase this person limit in the future.

As with group voice chats, anyone in the group can initiate a group video call. By doing so, any member of the group can join it, but as we say, with a limit of 30 people, but yes, we can use, for example, screen sharing functions.

video calls in telegram 1

The individual video call menu

But, although this is the main novelty of the new update of Telegram It is not the only one that arrives. Some aspects of the sound and audio for both video calls and group chats have also been improved.

In addition, new emoji animations are also coming to chats, as well as the possibility of giving the app a more personalized look by customizing the wallpaper, and customizing the application’s home icon.

We love the arrival of these new functions since each time we see how Telegram is improving more and more. And this can also make your direct competitors put the batteries with the news. What do you think of the latest news in this Telegram update?


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