Talking about what’s new in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and BETAS

Talking about what's new in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and BETAS

From June 7, specifically from 7 to 11, Manzana has confirmed the celebration, via online, of its next WWDC, that is to say, in Christian, and so that we all know, the date where their new operating systems will be presented. Among them iOS 15 Y iPadOS 15.

iOS 15

I would love to see a real revolution, but it won’t be. Everything indicates that we will see a iOS 14 improved … Yes there will be, how has it happened with the Mac, a redesign of the icons, but we will continue with the base that we have since it came out iOS 7. Will they leave it for next year?

And of iPadOS 15? What can we expect ?. Well, according to rumors, we will be able to put more widget, as we already have on our mobile, and there will be a library of apps similar to the one that currently exists in iOS 14… Come on, more of the same …

According Marc gurman, editor of Bloomberg, iOS 15 will be available for mobiles ranging from iPhone 7 onwards. Leaving the previous ones without said update. The iPhone SE original, the first, will no longer have any update.

IOS 15 Beta Installation:

From the very day 7, they will be able to install the Betas for developers, and the final version of iOS 15 will come out in September together with the iPhone 12s / 13, as you decide Manzana.

I will install the version Beta from iOS 15 to keep you informed of all the news, but I strongly advise against doing so. The Betas They are usually unfinished versions that give a lot of problems. Also going back to the previous version is very laborious and it is not always possible. The Operating System of this type of version is outlined and underdeveloped.

I will tell you the news, or one of my colleagues from APPerlas, but if you can avoid operating problems in your terminal, much better. Well, if you want to take my advice, that I am not your mother, to tell you what to do or not.

Have you ever installed a beta?


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