Take a look at these NEW iPhone APPS [18-6-2020]

Take a look at these NEW iPhone APPS [18-6-2020]

Take a look at most outstanding applications that have reached the App Store in the last 7 days. Apps that we recommend, at least, try on your iPhone and iPad.

New applications for iPhone and iPad

New applications for iPhone and iPad

How every Thursday we bring you the new apps highlights that have reached the app store of Manzana, in the last week. News that have just landed and that are beginning to be well valued by users.

The summer season, in the northern hemisphere of the planet, is very productive regarding the premieres of Applications. In the last few days, a lot of news has arrived but, as we always do, we filter out the ones that we found the most interesting.

Don’t miss them. Let’s go to the mess …

New applications for iPhone and iPad [18-6-2020]:

These are the most outstanding news, published in the App Store between June 11-18, 2020.

Photoshop Camera [Gratis]:

Photoshop Camera for iPhonePhotoshop Camera for iPhone

Photoshop Camera for iPhone

This new app from Photoshop It appeared just as we published our article of the week, and we couldn’t include it. But it is never too late if happiness is good and here we name it. Very good photography app that has all the filters, algorithms, fusions, tools … that we need to create magnificent compositions. Very much like Clips, is one of the most downloaded applications worldwide, in recent days.

Download Photoshop Camera

Pokemon smile [Gratis]:

Pokémon smilePokémon smile

Pokemon smile

Very good app to entertain boys and girls while brushing their teeth. A way to motivate them to, in each brushing, go on an adventure in which to defeat the evil cavities and rescue the Pokemon in a hurry.

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Download Pokémon Smile

Clockology [Gratis]:

Apple Watch dial appApple Watch dial app

Sphere app for Apple Watch

With a powerful editor, this app allows you to take advantage of your creative side and create your own panels with multiple functions, customized according to the information and images you would like to see. Plus, you can share and import user creations from around the world.

Download Clockology

ReSurfer for Reddit [Gratis]:

App ResurferApp Resurfer

App Resurfer

If you are a regular at RedditThis new app brings you an interesting interface where you can see all the news and topics that interest you the most. A client for this platform that has a minimal but very complete design.

Download ReSurfer

Cake [Gratis]:

Color management appColor management app

Color management app

Pastel is an app for developers and amateur artists, which allows you to create a library of color palettes to use in different projects. We can drag and drop colors in other applications that support colors exported that way, such as Pages and Keynote. Also in many other third-party apps.

Download Pastel

What do you think? We hope we have discovered some interesting for you.


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