Sweet Selfie, possibly the best app for retouching selfies with iPhone

Sweet Selfie, possibly the best app for retouching selfies with iPhone

If you are looking for an app with which to get the best possible selfies, Sweet Selfie is what you need. A free application, with in-app purchases, that provides you with all the tools so that you appear perfect @ in each photograph. If you don’t believe us, keep reading.

Sweet Selfie App for iPhone

Sweet Selfie App for iPhone

Taking a selfie with your mobile phone is one of the favorite “sports” for all of us who own one of these devices. In his day we already teach you what is the best way to take a selfie with the iPhone, But everything does not stay there. Possibly you want to touch it up, add accessories … even some makeup. Well, if you are looking for this, the app we are talking about today will come as pearls.

And it is that social networks are riddled with this type of photographs and it is always good to edit them, a little, to make them almost perfect. Sweet Selfie It has a multitude of functions and tools that will allow you, among other things, to narrow your nose, enlarge your eyes, put on makeup….

We have to warn that although the app is free, to use all the editing options you must pay a monthly or annual fee. At the end of the article we tell you a trick to use it for free without paying anything.

Sweet Selfie, the best application to edit selfies from iPhone:

As soon as you enter you will ask us to subscribe to your service, but you do not have to. To use it for free you simply have to skip that screen by pressing the button that appears in the upper right part of the screen.

Use Free Sweet SelfieUse Free Sweet Selfie

Use Sweet Selfie for free

Once inside the application we must accept some permission so that the application can access the camera, to take the photo, and to our photographic reel to save them and, also, to be able to edit the photos that we want.

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Use the tools to edit the selfie live:

Accessing the main screen we will see ourselves reflected on the screen since it will be able to capture a selfie. In it, at the bottom, we can see a lot of tools that allow us to modify the face live.

Edit your selfie liveEdit your selfie live

Edit your selfie live

You just have to test them to know the potential of this function of the app.

Many are paid but, as we have said, at the end we explain a trick to use them for free.

Edit photos so that they are nice selfies:

Clicking on the “photo” option that appears at the top of the screen, in second position starting to count from the left, allows us to access our photographs.

We enter our reel, we choose the selfie we want to edit and a lot of editing tools will appear with which we can do true wonders.

Edit any photo on Sweet SelfieEdit any photo on Sweet Selfie

Edit any photo in Sweet Selfie

We already leave it up to you to investigate in order to achieve the effect and the perfect edition in which you appear wonderful. In all the options that a crown appears in a pink circle, it means that they are paid. You can use it but you cannot save the adjustment you have made.

When editing a photo of the reel many more editing tools will appear than if we do it live. That is why we recommend that you first take a photo with the camera of the iPhone and then edit it from the app.

Remove Sweet Selfie watermark:

If you use the app for free, without using any of the payment options, when you save your photo the watermark will appear at the bottom of the image. If you want to delete it, we advise you to do this tutorial in which we explain how remove watermarks. It is rudimentary but effective.

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Trick to use Sweet Selfie for free:

To use this free application for a few days you must accept the trial period offered by the app, which today is seven days.

Once you activate that trial period you have to unsubscribe from the subscription. In this way you can use it for free 7 days without fear that the day the subscription ends and that you will be paid the fee. Read this tutorial in which we teach you how to unsubscribe and avoid payment.

If you liked the app very much, you can not unsubscribe to pay the fee and continue using the application for as long as you deem appropriate. The day you want to unsubscribe, apply the tutorial that we have given you before and you will stop paying.

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