Sticky Widgets is updated with many new features

Sticky Widgets is updated with many new features

The application Sticky Widgets that allows us to add Post-it widgets our iPhone it has been updated with many new features.

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Very complete update of the app

Sticky Widgets is, probably, one of the simplest and at the same time useful widgets that there is for the iPhone. This app, which we already talked about at the time, allows us to add as widgets to the home screen of our iPhone post-it.

This application was quite complete since its launch and perfectly fulfilled the function for which it was designed. But now, the app has been updated to the version 2.0 and it has many new features, many of them focused on customization, which will make this widget much more complete.

These are all the news in version 2.0 of Sticky Widgets:

The first of the novelties, relating to the customization of the app, is that from now on, the customization settings are found in the app. They therefore go from being in the widget editor to being in the application itself.

Also referring to customization, now the app allows us to choose any color for the background and text of our notes. And when it comes to text, we can also choose from many new fonts by changing their design, size, etc.

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How the app works

Another function that is added and that is most useful is synchronization with iCloud. Thanks to it, we can now synchronize our widget notes on more than one device so that we can use it on the one we want. In addition, some errors that were weighing down the app have been improved to make it better and more fluid. Without a doubt, a successful update.

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What do you think of all the news that has included Sticky Widgets? Of course, in our opinion, they have made the app much better. Therefore, if you have not yet downloaded and used this free widget app, we recommend doing it as soon as possible.

Download the Sticky Widgets post-it widget app


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