Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is available to buy now, earlier than expected

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is available to buy now, earlier than expected

In addition to bringing Frozen 2 at Disney Plus three months earlier, Disney is also doing Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker available for purchase a few days earlier.

The rise of Skywalker is available for purchase through digital retailers like iTunes and Amazon today; it was originally planned to be published on Tuesday March 17. The rise of Skywalker will not air on Disney Plus today or Tuesday. A Lucasfilm representative said The edge there is no update to the Disney Plus streaming date at this time.

A little like Frozen 2, Disney is coming out The rise of Skywalker earlier than expected is a smart business decision for the company. More and more people are spending time at home due to the spread of the new coronavirus, especially children, adolescents and adults. Giving people a variety of titles to watch while they try to fill the time could help Disney secure additional digital purchases and Disney Plus subscribers in the meantime. Disney has delayed the release of three of its films – Mulan, New Mutants, and Wood. None of the films have a new release date yet.

The real question now is whether The rise of Skywalker is worth people’s time and money. Our reviewer said, “There are a lot of shows and space fights at The rise of Skywalker entertaining “, adding that” minute by minute it’s a nice movie “and” at its brightest points it captures Star Wars to his favorite. “But it is not perfect.

“Abrams just didn’t cut the bomb down enough to keep its history grounded – and with the trilogy at its end, it’s weird to end up with as many new questions as there are resolutions.”

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Still, if you’re at home and looking for time to kill, Star Wars is never a bad idea. The other Star Wars movies are streaming on Disney Plus.


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