Spotify will show us the lyrics of the Podcasts in your app

Spotify will show us the lyrics of the Podcasts in your app

The streaming music app Spotify it will shortly show the lyrics or transcripts of the Podcasts that are available in the application.

If there is a “king” in the category of streaming music this is without a doubt, Spotify, although there are other platforms, such as Apple Music, that little by little they are approaching and improving. And today we have learned that from Spotify they are going to add new functions to make their app more accessible.

The first and most prominent is that soon Spotify will show us the letters of the Podcasts on your platform. That is, it will automatically transcribe what is being said in the Podcasts and display them on the screen. In this way, almost anyone will be able to access the Podcasts.

In addition to the podcast transcription, two more functions will arrive on Spotify

In addition to this feature, two more accessibility features have also been unveiled that will arrive shortly. These are two functions that improve certain visual aspects so that the app is less complicated to use for people with reduced visibility.


Spotify screen

One of them is the redesign of several «buttons»From the app. This is because there were some that had very similar shapes and colors and they have wanted them differently so that they are easier to locate. The other is the possibility of increasing the size of the text that is displayed in the application and, in this case, there will be a minimum mole and a maximum size limit.

These new accessibility features are still in the testing phase. But as the platform itself has announced, both the transcription of the lyrics of the Podcasts and the other two will arrive in approximately a few weeks. What do you think of these new functions that will come to Spotify?


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