Spotify will raise the prices of some of its Premium plans

Spotify will raise the prices of some of its Premium plans

Spotify has announced that, finally, it will raise the prices of some of its Premium plans in most countries of Europe.

Spotify plans go up in price

The most widely used music streaming app today is probably Spotify. And, although there are other widely used services such as Apple Music, it is without a doubt the king when it comes to streaming music.

For some time now, it has been rumored that, since Spotify, the prices of some of their subscriptions in the countries of Europe. And, finally, this price hike has become a reality.

These price increases for Spotify Premium seem that for the moment they will not affect Spain

As has been learned, because Spotify has notified some users, not all Spotify Premium plans will go up in price. This rise will only affect Student Plans, Duo Plans and Family Plans.

The price increase will be one euro for the Student and Duo plan, going from 4.99 euros to 5.99 euros and from 12.99 euros to 13.99 euros, respectively. Regarding the Family Plans, they will increase the price from 14.99 euros to 17.99 euros, that is, three euros more than until now.

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Spotify function

At the moment it is true that it seems that the Individual plan its price will not be affected and will remain at 9.99 euros. Although it is likely that, given the increase in the prices of the plans, it will suffer a rise of one euro to € 10.99.

These price increases will finally see the light at the end of April, that is, on the 30th of this month. But it will only be for new accounts since, who already has a Premium version, will not have to pay the new amount until June. And, from the looks of it, these increases for the moment will not affect Spain.


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