Spotify will also add its own Stories to its app

How to hide songs on Spotify from iPhone or iPad

The Spotify app will now start to show Stories or stories as many other applications do already in iPhone Y iPad.

Stories come to Spotify

We are sure that all of you know Spotify. Being the most popular streaming music service, any movement subscribed to interest. And today we bring you the least curious news related to this streaming giant.

By the looks of it, and very similar to How has Twitter done and many other applications, Spotify a kind of Stories or stories to your application. In the purest style of the most social apps out there.

Stories or Spotify stories are more limited than in other apps

As it has been shared by different networks, the people who have been activated the function of the stories of Spotify now you can see a circle accompanied by the message «Click to see the story» on playlists, albums and more.

Those stories, it seems, would be related to the content in which they appear. That is, for the moment and although they are appearing for more and more users, not everyone can make use of them on the platform.

spotify stories storiesspotify stories stories

Spotify stories in a playlist

Right now, only the few artists can upload these Stories And, unlike in other apps, users cannot upload their own stories and can only view them. At the moment it is not known if Spotify will allow in the future that all users can make full use of these Stories and stories.

At the moment these Stories of Spotify you are in the testing phase and, as mentioned, not for everyone. It is not clear if they will remain in the application permanently, but it is certainly interesting to see how the Stories are conquering, little by little, all the apps they have a “social” air.

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