Spotify can be chosen as a player thanks to iOS 14.5

Thanks to the update that will come from iOS 14.5 we can establish Spotify and other applications such as default players.

Interesting news with Spotify and iOS 14.5

A few days ago we let you know all the news that would come to our iPhone and iPad thanks to the future update iOS and iPadOS 14.5. And today we can add one more to the list that many of you will surely love.

It is a novelty in the musical aspect and, we can say, that of «personalization». From what it seems, finally, we can configure in our iPhone Y iPad that Spotify and other music applications as default players.

Music services join the options to choose default apps

Until now, and until I arrive iOS 14.5, the only default player in iPhone Y iPad it is Apple Music. But once it arrives, it will join the different options that we already have available to choose certain apps as default such as the browser or the different mail managers.

Thus, in case we use Spotify or another music app different from Apple Music, we can ask Siri play any content in that app. To do this, you will only have to configure it once and from that moment, every time we ask it to reproduce something it will do so in that app.

spotify as default player iOS 14.5 iPadOS

Siri’s choice in iOS 14.5

To configure it, it seems, you just have to ask Siri that plays something be it a song, album, podcast, etc. In doing so, Siri It will tell us to choose which service or application we want to use for it. And, once we have chosen it, Siri will remember it and always reproduce things in that app or service.

Of course, this is very good news for all users of Spotify. And, in this way, every time you ask Siri to play something you will not have to add «On Spotify» and it will automatically play there. What do you think of this future novelty that will come to iOS? Quite interesting and useful, right?


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