Speedtest adds a new speed test for video transmission

Speedtest adds a new speed test for video transmission

One of the best applications to measure the connection speed that we have on our mobile, has just added a new function to measure video transmission speed on our devices. Try it because the results it brings are sure to interest you.

SpeedTest app video test

Video streaming is a big part of how many of us entertain ourselves. The popular app Speedtest just added a new feature to help you get the most out of our internet connection.

According to the company, many ISPs routinely prioritize video differently than other types of traffic. That makes it possible for video to act differently from other Internet activities, regardless of speed.

Well, that said, the new function of the application plays a video in real time to measure the transmission speed on the network.

How to measure video transmission speed, on our iPhone and iPad, and know what maximum resolution we can enjoy:

The new option appears in the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, with the name «Video».



Clicking on it and giving it «Play» that will appear on the screen, a video will appear in real time that will measure the adaptive bit rate and the resolutions to detail, in the end, what maximum resolution we can enjoy on our devices.

Video speed test results

Video speed test results

It will also specify which devices will work at that level, from a telephone to a television.

If you want to try, you simply have to download the app that we link below and carry out the steps that we have specified.

Download SpeedTest

Without further ado and hoping that you found the post interesting, we are waiting for you shortly with more news, tutorials, apps … to get the most out of your devices. Manzana.



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