Spain will track COVID-19 with the Apple and Google system

Spain will track COVID-19 with the Apple and Google system

Spain will be one of the countries that will launch an app based on the Coronavirus tracking system COVID-19 from Manzana and Google.

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Spain will use the Apple and Google system

A few weeks ago we let you know that Apple and Google had closed an alliance to create a joint system with which to track the Coronavirus COVID19. A historic alliance that is due to the pandemic that is devastating almost the entire planet.

This system takes advantage of the fact that the vast majority of users use Android or iOS to notify us, completely anonymously and thanks to the connection Bluetooth between devices, if we have been in contact in the last 14 days with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus COVID19.

Spain joins other countries such as Germany or Italy in using the Apple and Google system

In this way, cases could be traced to isolate them. This alliance has not gone unnoticed by governments. Many of them have shown their interest in it and even their intention to use it. And now we know that Spain it will be one of those countries that will use the Manzana and Google to track the Coronavirus.

The monitoring of the Coronavirus would be carried out through its own app. But that if, using the platform and the system that they have put in common Google and Manzana. Apparently, the tracking system would be included in the existing self-detection app.

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The operation of the Apple and Google platform

As explained from the Twitter of the Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the first pilot project of the application would start in early June. That pilot project would start in Canary Islands And, if it worked, its use would be expanded to the rest of the country.

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Use the system Manzana and Google It seems, at least, a success. Many countries have opted for it, given the advantages that it may have for two large companies to make their technologies available to them. Even more when it comes to the most used operating systems.

Of course, until its launch, there is a time and we will have to wait to see if it works. But, of course, we hope that it works and that people make use of it.


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