Some App Store privacy labels are not true

Google has not yet adapted its apps to Apple's privacy standards

It has recently been discovered that some of the privacy labels on the App Store They have been falsified and are not truthful with the data they collect.

Developers bypass privacy rules

One of the main novelties released with iOS 14 was the improvement of privacy in our iPhone and iPad. And is that, Manzana presented numerous tools for users to be more aware of the data we share.

Among these tools we found the new app privacy labels in the App Store and a new notice and tracking request by apps. Both were quite controversial, although are focused on the good of the user.

The developers would be falsifying the privacy labels in the App Store

But now it has been discovered that one of them, the one relating to App Store privacy labels, could be being faked. That is what a recent study carried out among some apps that can be found in the App Store.

The study does not reflect all the applications that have been studied or which ones have distorted the data. But if it is established that, approximately, this occurred with 1 in 3 applications analyzed of the App Store. In this way, the apps collected information that was not indicated.

iOS 14 privacy labelsiOS 14 privacy labels

The data that apps collect

Of course, developers misrepresenting this information about their apps is not a good thing. This may indicate that they do not want to give the real data for fear that users know the huge amount of data they collect.

What is clear is that, seeing this, Manzana You should review more thoroughly that the data labels correspond to the reality of the data that the apps, instead of relying on what the developers say. And it is that, although the new privacy labels can be really useful, they completely lose their value if they have been falsified.


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