Soccer TV tells you which channel your favorite team plays on today

Soccer TV tells you which channel your favorite team plays on today

We talk about Soccer TV, an application that informs us of the channel in which they broadcast the game of your favorite team or the team you want to see play.

Futbol TV, the app that tells you on which TV channel your favorite team plays

If you are a lover of the beautiful game, you will surely not want to miss the matches of your favorite soccer team. What iPhone apps there are of all kinds, we will talk about the best app for its category.

It has a very simple interface and, in addition, it is very simple to use. It allows us to know the football matches that they do on television today and the next few days. At a glance you can see the matches, the time and the channel on which they broadcast it.

Fútbol TV informs us of the channel in which our favorite football team plays:

Since I downloaded it, I have not stopped taking a look at it, since it does not fail. and also if we have any application with which we can watch football matches, we will not miss any games.

Soccer TV

Application interface

Its interface, as you can see in the images, is very intuitive and easy to use.

We have a calendar at the top of the screen with which we can select the day on which we want to know which games are on television. Once the day is selected, a list will appear with all the meetings and the TV channel on which they broadcast it.

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By clicking on the one that interests us, a window will open in which it will inform us of everything related to the game and, in addition, it allows us to create a notice. Activating it, when the time of the game arrives, the app will send us a notification to remind us that the game is about to start.

A APPerla that I can not miss in it iPhone of a soccer player @.

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