Snake Rivals, the classic powered and more modern Snake

Snake Rivals, the classic powered and more modern Snake

Snake Rivals is the classic snake game, the snake of a lifetime, but more modern and powered for mobile devices.

Snake rivals iphone ipad 2

Play the snake on your mobile

A game that could be considered as a classic of mobiles is the Snake. The snake game was released in the 1970s, but that was when it arrived with the Nokia when it reached its popularity. Maintaining popularity that makes games based on it emerge for modern devices, like the game we are talking about today.

Is named Snake Rivals and fully maintains the essence of the original game. In it, we have to guide a small snake while eating apples, making it grow larger and larger and longer.

Snake Rivals maintains the essence of the original game but in a more modern way

But there are also important differences that make the game interesting. In this modern version we face, on the level, other rivals. That is, we meet other snakes that we will have to avoid or destroy.

Snake rivals iphone ipad 4Snake rivals iphone ipad 4

Playing and player ranking

This varies depending on the game mode chosen. There are a total of 3 game modes: Mode Classic, Fever of the Gold and Campal Battle. The first of them is Cclassic in which we will have to make our snake grow as much as possible without colliding with objects or other snakes.

Golden fever it is based on obtaining Gold and, to obtain them, we will have to defeat the other snakes causing them to collide with us. For its part, Camp battle We will have to flee from the lava and the last remaining snake will win.

Snake rivals iphone ipad 3Snake rivals iphone ipad 3

Snake Customization

Winning in any of these modes will give us rewards and, in addition to coins, we can get pieces and designs to personalize our snake as we want, even using different colors for each part.

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The game can be downloaded completely free of charge and although it has in-app purchases they are not necessary to play. If you liked the classic Snake You will surely like this modern version so do not hesitate to download it.

Download the game and play the classic Snake on iPhone or iPad

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