Silly way to turn off Windows services 100% works

Silly way to turn off Windows services 100% works

Disabling Windows services can be painful. Some Windows services are “stubborn” and cannot be permanently disabled. When you deactivate services, it is extinct but may not be forever. It starts working again, silently eating your internet data, performing update and lots of unnecessary stuff. Of course, you don’t want this, because not all Windows services are useful. This is what happened to me recently. I disabled some update services (routinely) for a while, but then realized that the services were re-enabling somehow, it wasn’t permanent.

I need a firm solution, I want Windows services to be permanently disabled. But then I had a silly thought in my mind. I gave the wrong password to windows services, and it worked, 100% worked! From then until I am writing this for you right now, Windows services have never turned back on. So this is the stupid thing that I do to permanently disable Windows service forever:

  1. Open Windows Services, press Alt + R combined shortcut, write “services.msc” without quotes and press Enter.
  2. Select the services you want to disable, here I choose BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service), see the image.
  3. Click the Login tab, point the radio button to “This Account” and then click “Browse.”
  4. You need to find the user account linked to your computer, click “Advanced” => “Find now” then select the username and press OK twice until you return to the login windows.
  5. Now here is the silly part, under “This account”, write a password, but not the right password you use for your account (if you used a password). Write any letter you want, random and wrong, even if your computer doesn’t have a password. And don’t forget to click apply and close it.
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And that’s it, you have now permanently Windows services disabled, I can assure you that this will last forever. So, I think you now understand what just happened. Yes, Windows services will now only work under the specific user account you selected. And it asks for a password, the password is deliberately wrong, then Windows can’t run the service now and forever. the the computer is confused, like me before doing this trick. So don’t let the computer confuse you.

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