Signal will add some interesting functions soon

Signal will add some interesting functions soon

The instant messaging app Signal it will add in a short time a lot of well-known functions that make the app even more interesting.

The app that many have chosen to replace WhatsApp

With the arrival of the controversy of the terms and conditions of WhatsApp, many people have been thinking about switching to another app that serves the same purpose. Many of the people have chosen Telegram and by Signal. And, the latter, will receive in brief numbers quite interesting news.

Among the main novelties that will come to the app we find the possibility of adding wallpapers. In this way, we can add the wallpaper we want to the screen of the app in order to further customize the app.

Many of the new features coming to Signal are already present in other instant messaging apps

It will also give us Signal the ability to create group invitations. Thus, we can easily invite a group to whom we want. In addition, we can also send stickers in chats and create them directly in the application.

In addition, Signal also improves group calls and they will now allow 5 to 8 people. And, among other minor improvements, we find a data saving mode, as well as the possibility of adding states to our “profile” as we can already do in other apps.

signal capture app ios

The Signal app for iOS

All these new features are quite reminiscent of some of the functions it already has WhatsApp. And, of course, it does not seem unreasonable that one of the main options chosen by people to replace the instant messaging app belonging to Facebook will include news from WhatsApp in order to make the change less “painful”.

These news are still in beta, but should reach the app shortly. If you are still thinking about stopping using WhatsApp and you have raised Signal As an option for this, we cannot do anything other than recommend downloading it since


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