Self-destructing photos are already a reality on WhatsApp

Self-destructing photos are already a reality on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has added to the latest beta of the application the photos and videos that are downloaded as seen by the other person.

A new feature in testing phase in WhatsApp

Every time more functions are coming to WhatsApp one way or another. Something that should not surprise us at all since, although it is the most used instant messaging app, some of its competitors are many steps ahead of it.

In addition, it seems that many of the functions that are being added are functions that are highly requested by the users of the app. And that’s what happens with one of the latest features that have appeared in the latest beta version of the app.

Photos and videos that self-destruct on WhatsApp are still in beta:

More specifically, it is about photos and videos that automatically self-destruct. These photos and videos would be automatically deleted once the receiver of the photos and videos had seen them only once.

self-destructing video photos delete whatsapp 2

Photo that can only be viewed once

This is important, as the recipient of these temporary photos and videos will never be able to see the photos or videos sent in this way again. And, to send this type of video, you only need to press the “1” icon that will appear when we send the photo or video.

These ephemeral photos or videos would also automatically disappear from the chat and would not be displayed, in a very similar way to what happens with this type of content in Instagram. But that if, as in Instagram, WhatsApp it would not prevent a screenshot of the photo or video from being taken.

self-destructing video photos delete whatsapp 1

Confirmation of Ā«readingĀ» of this type of photos and videos

As always happens with this type of novels, we cannot know when they will finally reach the final application. But of course, we hope that it will come as it is a novelty highly anticipated by many users. What do you think of this future WhatsApp function?


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