See what trick to find the iPhone in seconds

See what trick to find the iPhone in seconds

We show you a trick to find the iPhone in a really fast way and with just using the Apple Watch and a little trick.

So you can find the iPhone in seconds

Today we are going to teach you find the iPhone quicklyto. Great if you are looking for it at home, at work … and you can not find it, because you will immediately know where it is.

On many occasions we are at home and do not remember where we left the iPhone. This tends to happen more often than we think. One solution is to call us and see where it sounds, but it is possible that you have the iPhone in silence and in that case … it is lost.

This can be fixed if you have a Apple Watch, since with the press of a simple button, the iPhone will ring whether or not it is silent. But now we are going one step further and we are going to make the flash light up too.

How to find iPhone in seconds

As we have commented, the process is very simple and we only need our Apple Watch for it. Thus, we access the clock control center, sliding the screen from bottom to top.

When the control center appears, we must look at the tab that has the iPhone symbol. What we normally do is press this icon and the iPhone starts to ring. Well, in this case, what we must do is keep pressing this icon …

find iPhone 1find iPhone 1

Click on the iPhone icon

We will see that the iPhone begins to sound, but that the flash of the same, begins to blink. In this way we will find the iPhone in a matter of seconds, since apart from sounding, it will also be emitting light, making things much easier for us.

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So now you can start to put this trick into practice, which you will surely use from time to time.


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